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    Applying Constructivist Theory to Research Questions

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    How well do Montessori students do compared to students in non-Montessori schools?

    I created this research question with the current problem in education.
    please help me to explain how the constructivist theory of situated learning could be applied to my research question. Finally, describe one limitation of my research question and explain how i might address it.

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    The constructivist theory of situated learning and Montessori Education can be seen by constructivist teachers for they have these characteristics that seem to follow Montessori ways. "1. They encourage and accept student autonomy and initiative. 2. They use raw data and primary sources. 3. They use words like create, analyze, and predict to improve thinking skills while framing tasks. 4. They allow student responses to make changes to the lessons and the way they ...

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    This is an essay about the constructivist theory and research. It compared the Montessori classroom with other classrooms.