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Strategies for Teaching Adults in your Community

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Give concrete examples of teaching adults in your community with three methods: (1) self-directed learning, (2) transformational learning, and (3) dialogue and/or questioning. It should be the same topic for each three examples. Describe facilitating the learning of a topic using the self-directed learning methodology. Then start over again and describe facilitating learning using the same topic using the transformational learning methodology. Start over again using the same topic describing how you would facilitate learning using the dialogue and/or questioning methodology. The topic should be one that is relevant to your community group.

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I am currently in the process of designing an online course for adult learners, which will be titled "The History of Drugs" (A Global Perspective). I will use this class as the backdrop to how the topic of drugs could be used in each different style of learning that you have requested.

Self-directed learning has four different stages beginning with dependent, interested, involved, and self-directed. It is up to the teacher to determine the level of ability for each adult learner in the course in reference to what stage they are currently at, and the teacher must assist them in reaching the stage of self-directed. In my course the topic of drugs will be viewed from a prism that is different than most classes or what is typically given as a law and order phenomenon. The learners who have personal experiences with drugs and the negative effects of ...

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