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    Uncertainty is related to the accuracy of the economic model that tries to determine levels of growth and is tied to most fields in economics. The lower the probability, the higher the uncertainty and therefore, the higher the risk from an economic standpoint. For example, a manufacturer does not want to overcapitalize or overproduce for the size of the market. The converse is also true. If the model is too optimistic or pessimistic, it leads to uncertainty.

    Uncertainty is most often referred to in terms of money as a representative for composite consumption¹. The topic of uncertainty encompasses the concepts of utility, risk aversion, and the analysis of human behaviour and decision making when under uncertainty. Consumption depends on the outcome of an event, referred to as the state of nature. The contingent consumption plan is a statement of the consumption that occurs in each state of nature¹. The most used models in the study of behaviour under uncertainty are models of imperfect and asymmetric information.

    The outcome of an uncertain situation is referred to as the state of the world. Contingent commodities are commodities whose level depends on which state of the world occurs¹.



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    Using Game Theory to explain, would you be likely to tip differently at the café next to your office than you do at the one at which you stop on your summer vacation to Yellowstone?

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    Rational economic decision makers will make a change only if: the change is free of risk. there are no costs involved. their expectations are correct. there is no uncertainty about the results of the change. the expected marginal benefit exceeds expected marginal cost.

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    Need help with the problems in the attached document. Book: Managerial Economics: Theory, Applications, and Cases, 7th edition. By Allen, Doherty, Weigelt, and Mansfield.

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    A company is drilling a series of new wells. About 20% of the new holes will be dry. Even if they strike oil there is uncertainty about the amount of oil produced. 40% of new wells only produce a 1000 barrels a day; 60% produce 5000 barrels a day forecast the annual cash revenues from a new perimeter well. Use a future pr

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    Company ABC's shares traded at $83 each in November 2006. Financial analysts were expecting the firm to announce earnings of $3.33 per share for the just-ended October 31 fiscal year and a book value per share of $19.36. The annual dividend per share for fiscal 2006 was 0.64. In addition,analysts were forecasting earnings for fi

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    I have Eight Eternal Truths of Investing: - All investments go up......and down. - Most people do the wrong thing at the wrong time. - Markets usually over-react, both on the up side and down side. - No one knows what the future will bring. - Diversification is the best strategy. - Savings accounts and CDs will not make yo

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    An individual is considering the purchase of stocks of two firms: an auto-lube chain and a pharmaceutical corporation. Because of the uncertainty in oil prices, you estimate that there is a 50-50 chance of your either earning an 80 percent return on your investment or losing 80 percent of your investment within a year. The pharm

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    Problem 18.31 (Subject: Uncertainty & Probability) Use an economic decision tree to find the probability distribution and the expected PW for an assembly line modification. The first cost is 80K, and its salvage value is $0. The firm's interest rate is 9%. The savings shown below depend on whether the assembly line runs one, tw

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    Huang Industries is considering a proposed project for its capital budget. The company estimates that the project's NPV is $12 million. This estimate assumes that the economy and market conditions will be average over the next few years. The company's CFO, however, forecasts that there is only a 50 percent chance that the eco

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    Look at the spreadsheet and use present value analysis to discount the cash flows. Determine if the project is a net positive or negative impact on the firm, NPV. Calculate the certainty equivalent cash flows and NPV. What kind of questions would you ask the CEO about economic assumptions? Articulate the economic and political r

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    Signaling. It is well documented that stock prices tend to rise when firms announce an increase in their dividend payouts. How then can it be said that dividend policy is irrelevant?

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    1. A project has the following forecasted cash flows: C0 C1 C2 C3 -100 +40 +60 +50 The estimated project beta is 1.5. The market return is 16 percent. The risk-free rate is 7 percent. a. What is the opportunity cost of capital? b. What is the project's net present value? c. What are the certainty equival


    1) Which of the following statements is most correct? a. In general, the more uncertainty there is about market conditions, the more attractive it may be to wait before making an investment. b. In general, the greater the strategic advantages of being the first competitor to enter a given market, the more attrac

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    The management of Kitchen Shop is thinking of buying a new drill press to aid in adapting parts for different machines. The press is expected to save Kitchen Shop $8,000 per year in costs. However, Kitchen Shop has an old punch machine that isn't worth anything on the market and that will probably last indefinitely. The new p