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    Production is the act of creating output that is used and valued by consumers. Maintaining appropriate production levels are required in order to sustain a certain growth or decline. Overproduction or underproduction can be costly if these are misaligned. For example, if it is determined that the prosperity is shrinking, production capacity must be reduced to ensure profits are maintained. To maximize profits, production output must follow the microeconomic predictions.

    Factors that affect production are mostly related to the consistent supply of raw materials for the production levels predicted in the economic model. In addition, in a manufacturing based environment, labour is an important factor in ensuring that production is maintained at the correct level.

    The production possibility frontier (PPF) is when an economy is producing its goods and services and allocating resources in the most efficient way possible. The production possibility frontier displays the limits to production for an economy. In order for an economy to be efficient, a certain combination of goods and services must be produced. In the short run, production has a fixed input factor: capital. On the other hand, in the long run you can vary both input factors labour and capital. 

    Some important concepts to know when discussing microeconomic production is the marginal product (MP), which is the change in total output created by adding an extra unit of labour, and average product (AP), which is the total output divided by the total units of labour employed.

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    Profit maximization equilibrium and open access equilibrium

    Calculation of profit maximization equilibrium and Fisheries Policy 1. Please refer to the Excel spreadsheet. It contains three relevant tabs at the bottom: Fishery, Graph, and Boats. As you can see it depicts a fishery with a specific relationship between fishery effort (measured in horsepower) and the total costs and revenu

    The Economics of Labor Markets: Labor Demand & Supply

    Select an organization with which you are familiar or an organization where you work. Develop a PowerPoint presentation to be presented to the CEO's executive committee that addresses how your chosen organization determines what quantity of labor to demand and what events could shift the demand and supply of that labor.

    Production & Labor Market

    What economic principle justifies the high salaries of some professional athletes? Suppose the manager of a baseball team wants to hire a new pitcher for $4 million per year. Under what circumstances would it make sense for the team to do so? Assume that the government of the state of New Jersey has determined that a large nu

    Opportunity Cost and Comparative Advantage

    Relative production costs: Per pound of titanium per bushel of wheat US $10 $1 Russia 5,000 rubles 2,500 rubles The opportunity cost of an additional pound of titanium is: ???? in the US and

    The Big Mac Index and the Undervalued Yuan

    1. The big Mac index computed by the Economics has consistently found the U.S dollar to be undervalued against some currencies and overhauled against others. This findings seems to call for a rejection of the purchasing power parity theory. Explain why this index may not be a valued test of the theory. 2. Why would China want

    A-1 Corporation Maximizing Profits

    The A-1 Corporation supplies airplane manufacturers with preformed sheet metal panels that are used on the exterior of aircraft. Manufacturing these panels requires only five sheet metal-forming machines, which cost $500 each, and workers. These workers can be hired on an as-needed basis in the labor market at $9,000 each. Given

    Economic profit, loss and shutdown

    Assume that the cost data in the top table of the next column are for purely competitive producer: *TP= Total Product; *AFC= Average fixed Cost; *AVC= Average Variable Cost; *ATC= Average Total Cost; *MC= Marginal Cost TP AFC AVC ATC MC 0 1 $60.00 $45.00 $105.00 $45.00 2 $30.00 $42.50 $72.50 $40.00 3 $20.00 $40.00 $60.00 $35.00

    Calculating average, variable and total costs of production

    A firm's only variable input is labor. When 50 workers are used, the average product of labor is 50 , and the marginal product of the 50th worker is 75. The wage rate is $80, and the total cost of the fixed input is $500. a. Calculate the average variable cost with calculations. b. Calculate the Marginal cost with calculat

    Calculating Incremental Revenue and Incremental COGS

    Bob, the new Chief Marketing Officer at the XYZ company has proposed an expansion of the companies marketing efforts. He claims that an investment of $1,000,000 in marketing research this year, and following this with an increase in marketing expenditures of $250,000 a year will increase sales by 10% each year over the sales f

    MACRS Evaluating Proposals

    See attachment for data. Latest Motor Electronics (LME) is evaluating a proposal to create a new automated production process for a new product line. In the past year (year -1) $1 million has been spent researching this capability and it look promising. The proposal is to purchase machinery and install it this year (year

    Calculate inputs, calculate labor, production functions

    1. Could the isoquants corresponding to two different levels of output ever cross? Explain. 2. A firm uses the inputs of fertilizer, labor, and hothouses to produce roses. Suppose that when the quantity of labor and hothouses is fixed, the relationship between the quantity of fertilizer and the number of roses produced is giv

    Reducing Production Cost In A Recession

    As an employer who wants to reduce the production cost during the economic recession, he or she could choose to (1) lay off some workers without changing wages or (2) keep all workers but cut wages for all. Which method would you choose and why?

    Short-Run Production and Marginal and Average Product

    Consider the following short-run production function (where L = variable input, Q = Output): Q = 6L2 - 0.4L3 a. Determine the marginal product function (MPL) b. Determine the average product function (APL) c. Find the value of L that maximizes Q d. Find the value of L at which the marginal product function takes on its max

    Production Economics and Cost Analysis

    "Cost Analysis" : Production Economics & Cost Analysis - Pick a good or service. Distinguish between the short-run and the long-run production and cost function for that good or service. Discuss how price plays a role in short-run and the long-run decisions and how managers are likely to respond in each case. - Using the sam

    Increase production past the point where MC=MR

    What might cause a firm to want to increase production past the point where additional revenues offset additional costs (i.e., MC=MR)? a. The firm is enjoying the benefits of the learning curve b. Future production costs will be higher c. Managers are being rewarded on the basis of short-run profits d. The firm relies

    Calculate the MPL, MPK and MRTS in the given case.

    Specialty Steel has carefully measured production in its new plant to determine whether it is technically efficient in production. It has found that the production function of the firm is represented by the following equation Q = 20K^(1/2)L^(1/2) where Q is output level, K is capital and L is labor. The firm currently

    Optimum Output Discussion

    Honda uses flexible plans in the manufacturing of its cars. Discuss whether this method of production results in optimum output. You can access and cite some info from here: The Wall Street Journal, September 23, 2008, p. B1.

    Initiating Continuos Production in a Chrysler Production Plant

    In recent years, Chrysler Corporation initiated three-shift or nearly continuous (21-hours-per-day) production at a number of its plants. Explain why Chrysler's decision might have been prompted by movements in its wage costs or capital costs, or both. Why would Chrysler have instituted this production change for its most popula

    Fixed proportion production function

    Suppose that a firm's fixed proportion production function is given by Q = min(5k,10L) The firm's Total Cost (TC) function is given by TC = vK + wL, where v is the cost of K and w is the cost of L. v = 1 w = 3 TC = K + 3L a) Calculate the firm's long-run total, average and marginal functions. b) Suppose that K is

    Industry Output and Market Share

    Assume you are the manager of Abba Cable Company, which provides commercial communication services to the town of Canyon Lake, Texas. Because of licensing restrictions in the market, only your company and two others (Babba and Cabba) are allowed to operate in this market. The three companies decide to form a cartel and divide th

    What is average productivity? What is marginal productivity?

    What is average productivity? What is marginal productivity? Explain the relationship between average and marginal productivity. What would happen to average and marginal productivity if a technological innovation were introduced to the production process? How does the law of diminishing returns affect marginal and average produ

    Cobb-Douglas Production Function

    Hi, I am fairly new to economics with only a basic understand of the topic and because of this I am struggling to answer (and understand the explanation for the answer) a question about the Cobb Douglas production function. Q. Under what conditions does a Cobb-Douglas production function (q=AL^(alpha)K^(beta)) exhibit decr

    Present Worth, Annual Equivalent and Future Value of Cash Flow

    Calculate the Present Worth, Annual Equivalent and Future Value of the cash flow. If the MARR of 15% is used as the general interest rate and the organization evaluates all projects at three percent less than the minimal acceptable rate of return. ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description **

    Projected net cash flow after tax

    The Doraville Machinery Company is planning to expand its current spindle product line. The required machinery would cost $520,000. it is estimated that at the end of year 10 that the machinery can be sold for $50,000. The machinery will be classified as a seven-year MACRS. The building that will house the new production facilit

    Production Theory

    Firms will employ an input up to the point where ? a) the wage rate equals the productivity of capital. b) its marginal cost equals its marginal product. c) the input's price equals its marginal revenue product. d) the input's price equals its marginal product.

    Managerial economcs: a. What is the total product function for Dimex? The average product function? The marginal product function? b. Managers at Dimex can expect the marginal product of additional workers to fall beyond what level of labor employment? c. Dimex plan to employ 50 workers. Calculate total product, average product, and marginal product.

    Dimex Fabrication Co., a small manufacturer of sheet-metal body body parts for a major US automaker, estimates its long-run production to be Q= -0.015625K3L3 + 10 K2 L2 where Q is the number of body parts producted daily, K is the number of sheet-, metal presses in its manufacturing plant, and L is the number of labor-hours

    Average Total Cost

    Kitchen Helper Company decides to produce and sell food blenders and is considering three different types of production facilities ("plants"). Plant A is a labor-intensive facility, employing relatively little specialized capital equipment. Plant B is a semi-automated facility that would employ less labor than A but would also h