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    Production Function

    A production function measures the physical output of a firm’s production process to the physical inputs or factors of production. It shows the relation between total production and inputs. A production function is usually expressed in the form:

    Q = f(L, K)

    Where Q is the quantity of production (or the output), L is the quantity of labour input, K is the quantity of capital input, and f refers to a functional equation¹. The production function relates the amount of resources necessary for a certain level of output. From the production function it is possible to then derive the marginal products of capital and labour. A production function can also be used to derive an isoquant curve when the output is fixed. An example of a Cobb-Douglas form of the production function is as follows:

    Q = AKL

    'A' is the total factor productivity. In this case the economy is experiencing increasing returns to scale.



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    Technical Rate of Substitution and Optimal Output

    Consider a firm that uses two inputs. The quantity used of input 1 is denoted by x_1 and the quantity used of input 2 is denoted by x_2. The firm produces and sells one good using the production function f(x_1,x_2)=4x_1^0.5+3x_2^0.5. The final good is sold at price P=$10. The prices of inputs 1 and 2 are w_1=$2 and w_2=$3, respe

    Elasticity of Demand and Total Revenue

    1.Choose one of the items that has elastic demand. Show how much sales can increase if the firm lowers its price by 6%. 2. Choose one of the items that has inelastic demand. Show how much sales can increase if the firm lowers its price by 12%. 3. Using the relationship between elasticity and revenue, explain whether the

    New Market Entrant and Changes to Equilibrium Price and Quantity

    I have a dental office business with mobile service. Tell me whether you expect the equilibrium price of my product to rise or fall AND whether you expect equilibrium quantity to rise or fall. Include in your explanation which curve is shifting and which shifter variable is affected.

    Production function: Average and Marginal Product of Labor

    A firm can manufacture a product according to the production function Q = F(K, L) = K^(3/4) L^(1/4) a) Calculate the average product of labor, APL, when the level of capital is fixed at 16 units and the firm uses 16 units of labor. How does the average product of labor change when the firm uses 81 units of labor? b) Find

    Al's Bicycle Town: Production and Costs

    The following table gives the total weekly output of bicycles at Al's Bicycle Town. Table 1 Labor Total Product (TP) Average Product of labor (AP) Marginal Product of labor (MP) 0 0 na na 1 100

    Crowding of Fixed Input

    You are the owner of a restaurant, and currently you have only one waiter. While this keeps costs down, many of your customers go home because they are tired of waiting in line or waiting for their order. You hire four more waiters and waitresses, and you are now able to serve a dramatically higher number of customers. Seeing

    Strategic Commitment Example

    Paper #2 Competition and idea of strategic commitment into this framework. 1. Offer an example of a strategic commitment you know of or that you believe would be beneficial to a firm in an industry. 2. Explain why the commitment is irreversible, understandable and credible and give an indication of the position (tough or so

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    Please read the Schwinn/Giant Bicycles Case Study. After reading the case study, please answer the following questions in regard to the Schwinn/Giant Case Study: 1. What were Giant's core competencies? How did they leverage their competencies in their competition with U.S. bike manufacturers? 2. In this case was Giant's

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    Graduate level 1. New car rental property: specify the market location; non-franchise and near a major airport Outline the basic business model that you expect to be used to generate revenues across products or services. Select appropriate performance measurement approaches by outlining four (4) performance metrics a

    Exonomics: Important Issues

    1. Define, in your own words, opportunity cost. What are your opportunity costs associated with attending Bethel's on-line program? How do they differ from your opportunity cost if you chose a program that required attendance in a traditional face-to-face classroom? Be sure to list several costs. The costs may be monetary or

    Operations on a Supply Chain Management

    4. A diet is being prepared for the University of Arizona dorms. The objective is to feed the students at the least cost, but the diest must have between 1800 and 3600 calories. No more than 1400 calories can be starch, and no fewer than 400 can be protein. The varied diet is to be made of two foods: A and B. Food A costs $0.75

    Price Ceiling Effects

    From California to New York, legislative bodies across the United States are considering eliminating or reducing the surcharges that banks impose on non-customers, who make $10 million in withdrawals from other banks' ATM machines. On average, non-customers earn a wage of $20 per hour and pay ATM fees of $2.75 per transaction. I

    Cross price elasticity of good Y

    Suppose the demand function is Qxd = 100 − 5Px + 2Py - M. If Px = $4, Py = $2, and M = $50, what is the cross-price elasticity of good x with respect to the price of good y?

    Price elasticity of demand: good X

    The demand for good X has been estimated by Qxd = 20 − 5Px + 4Py. Suppose that good X sells at $3 per unit and good Y sells for $2 per unit. Calculate the own price elasticity

    Percentage Price Elasticity of Demand

    Suppose the own price elasticity of demand for good X is -3, its income elasticity is 1, its advertising elasticity is 2, and the cross-price elasticity of demand between it and good Y is -4. Determine how much the consumption of this good will change if: Instructions: Enter your answers as percentages. Include a minus (-) si

    Economies of Scale for LRATC

    1. a. Using the data below, construct a worksheet which demonstrates a typical long run average cost curve (LRATC) for a production process that shows economies of scale, constant returns and diseconomies of scale. Q LRATC 0 $120 10 $107 20 $95 30 $85 40 $76 50 $69 60 $63 70 $60 80 $60 90 $60 100 $60 110 $60 120

    Finding the Optimal Number of Advertising Hours

    Problem: "Optimal Input Level." Ticket Services, Inc., promotes concerts and sporting events. The college uses a team of ten students to hand deliver flyers at the mall, where every hour increment of flyer advertising costs $130. Over the past year, the following relation between advertising and ticket sales per event has bee

    Analyzing Given Production Functions

    Determine whether the following production functions exhibit constant, increasing, or decreasing returns to scale. A. Q = 0.6L + 20K +10F B. Q = 2L2 + 3LK + 5K2 C. Q = 20L0.25K0.70

    Microeconomics questions - curves

    1. According to the text, the price elasticity of demand for oranges has been estimated to be-0.62. This implies that a doubling of the price of oranges would cause the quantity demanded of oranges to decrease or increase by 62 percent? 2. Assume the supply function for good X can be written as Qs = -100 + 27Px - 5Py - 1.8W

    Calculating marginal and average products, and Lerner Index

    1. The following table shows data for a simple production function. Capital(K) Labor(L) Total Product(TP) Average Product(AP) Marginal Product(MP) Column 1 numbers = Capital ; Column 2 numbers = Labor; Column 3 numbers= Total Product 10 0 0

    Managerial Economics - Marginal Product and Cost

    Which of the following holds true? A) When the Marginal Product (MP) is rising, Marginal cost (MC) is rising; and when MP is falling, MC is falling. B) When MP is rising, MC is falling, and when MP is falling, MC is rising. C) When MP is rising, MC is constant, and when MP is falling, MC is negative D) There is no relation

    Solve production function using excel and optimization procedure

    Given the following production function: Q = 42L + 18L2 -2L3 WHERE Q= TP (TOTAL PRODUCT) or quantity of output in units and L(labor) in units FIND THE FOLLOWING: First solve this problem using an spreadsheet approach and then do the problem using the optimization procedure; compare the answers for the two methods. Show

    ROR, NPV and PVR analysis

    A company want you to use rate of return analysis to evaluate the economics of buying the mineral rights to a mineral reserve for a cost of $1,500,000 at year 0 with the expectation that mineral development costs of $5M and tangible equipment costs of $4M will be spent at year 1. The mineral reserves are estimated to be produced

    Case studies in managerial economics

    See the attached file "Problem 1" Problem 1: A) Emco Company has an assembly line where total output is a function of the number of workers (crew size) as shown in the following schedule (see attached file). Calculate the Marginal Product of Labor (MPL) and Average Product of Labor (APL) for each crew size from one-to-e

    Managerial economics

    1.Would the reward system vary among manufacturers, retailers, distributors, financial organizations, et al? What other characteristics should good performance incentives have? Do those characteristics cause the implementation of incentives to differ across various functions of a company? 2.The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Financial

    Calculating optimal level of input required

    Assume ZCorp has the following short run production function Q = 50X - 2X^2 where X is the only variable input used by ZCorp to product its product, Q. Because ZCorp sells its product in a perfectly competitive market, it can sell all the Q it produces for $25. The current market price for input X is $100. How many units

    Calculating Optimal Amount of Input (X)

    Assume ZCorp has the following short run production function: Q = 50X - 2X^2 where X is the only variable input used by ZCorp to product its product, Q. Because ZCorp sells its product in a perfectly competitive market, it can sell all the Q it produces for $25. The current market price for input X is $100. How many

    Calculate the optimal output

    Suppose that Saudi Arabia lets other members of OPEC sell all the oil they want at the existing price which the Saudis set and other members accept. The daily world demand for OPEC oil is given by: P =88 -2Q where P is the price per barrel of oil and Q the total quantity of OPEC oil (in millions of barrels per day). The su