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Withers Florist has been looking at purchasing a computerize

Withers Florist has been looking at purchasing a computerized accounting information system package to help manage accounting data once their bookkeeper retires in April.

Withers is a 37 year-old, small, family-owned florist with average annual sales of $360,000.

D. Withers (the owner) recently attended a software expo in Montgomery, Alabama and looked at a package called FlowerPower2011 that is specifically written for floral retailers and wholesalers with a basic package starting price of $266,000.
Additional software/hardware options can push the total computer package (including installation) to $318,420 but the basic version is very powerful for data management and reporting. However, the computer software/hardware packages aren't expected to increase sales by any significant amount.

If Mr. Withers decided to purchase the FlowerPower2011 package he will be violating which of the following AIS principles?
A. Cost-Benefit Principle
B. Compatibility Principle
C. Relevance Principle
D. Control Principle

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A. Cost-Benefit Principle

In this case, he is definitely violating the cost benefit ...

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