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    Investments, in finance and economics, has different meaning but serves the same purpose of boosting business growth. In finance, an investment means the allocation of resources or input of money with the expectation of long –term benefit. This means that an asset or good will be bought with the assumption or hope that it will have more value of use in the future or sold at a greater value. Usually, most financial investments will pose some sort of risk and a higher risk will in most cases offer higher reward. Thus, a higher prevailing interest rate is usualyl beneficial to financial investments. 

    Conversely, investment in economics typically refers to borrowing in order to purchase capital in hopes of raising future income. In this case, investments actually benefit from a lower interest rate so that less interest has to be repaid on the loan. Investments are directly related to savings in economic theory. Investment can be used to raise regular capital, but can also be used to raise human capital such as through tuition fees for higher education. 

    An economic investment is the net addition to the capital stock of society that includes the goods and service used in production. Net additions to capital stock entail an increase in buildings and inventories of existing goods and services. The financial and economic meaning of investment share the idea of how an investment is how individual’s savings are imputed into capital market and divided into capital financing¹.



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    Apple Inc Ratios for Investment

    What is the return on assets (ROA) and price to earnings (PE) ratio for the Apple Technology Company. What do these metrics say about the financial health of the company? Which economic and market factors may have influenced the financial health?

    Fair Stock Price & Constant Growth Model

    Problem 1 Company JUK has a ROE of 25% and the company will not pay any dividend for the next 3 years. It is estimated that the company will pay $2 dividend per share after three years and then to level off to 5% per year forever. The company has a beta of 2. Assume the risk-free interest rate is 4%, and the market risk pre

    Portfolio returns composition

    1. (Related to Checkpoint​ 8.1)  ​(Portfolio expected rate of​ return)  Penny Francis inherited a​ $100,000 portfolio of investments from her grandparents when she turned 21 years of age. The portfolio is comprised of the following three​ investments:   Expected Return and Value Treasury Bills 4.8% 50,0

    Investment oriented calculations

    As previously noted, the Turner's have some of their investment portfolio in conservative stocks. These equities have had very slow growth while regularly paying a small dividend. Jenny and Jeff have received several emails recently with suggestions about various biotechnology, retailing, and environmental companies. The invest

    Revolving term loans/ Term Loans

    This is help with research on the benefits and disadvantages of revolving term loans /term loans to medium sized companies. I would prefer if the material is sourced from academic journals, not websites. Please provide the link to the research as well. Thanks much

    Weighted Average Cost of Capital and Optimal Capital Budget

    QUESTION 1 A. Karen Wallace currently has an investment portfolio that contains 10 stocks that have a total value equal to $160,000. The portfolio has a beta (b) equal to 1.0. Karen wants to invest an additional $40,000 in a stock with b = 2.0. After Karen adds the new stock to her portfolio, what will be the portfolio's bet

    Peer-reviewed journal articles

    Referencing at least five peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books, discuss views on the relationship between theory and application or practice. How can a theory guide or inform practice? What are the issues involved in translating theory into practice? Be sure to keep in mind the various conceptions of theory

    Treynor Ratio or Sharpes Ratio

    See attached. Stock Quantity Shares FMV Annual Dividend Beta Tax Basis Recent returns 2009 Recent returns 2010 Recent returns 2011 Recent returns 2012 Recent returns 2013 A 100 30,000 1.00 1.20 19,150 8 10 10 11 8 B 300 75,000 0.30 1.40 52,452 9 5 (3) 12 15 C 400 60,000 0.70 0.90 43,187 6 7 7 8 6 D 250 35,000 0.

    Interpreting Ratios

    Please analyze the attached data. Include in report the answers to the below questions. What can be concluded from the ratios? Does the data show any warning signs? Does anything stand out in the data?

    After-tax yield: Municipal vs. Corporate Bonds

    Corporate bonds issued by Johnson Healthcare currently yield 8 percent. a. If an investor is in the 34 percent tax bracket, what is the bond's after-tax yield? b. Municipal bonds of equal risk currently yield 6 percent. At what tax rate would an investor be indifferent between these two bonds? c. Whic

    Computing Net Income

    Complete the portion for July 31, 2011 of the income statement shown for miss muffin's bakery using the given information: gross sales $35,568, returns and allowances, $341, cost of beginning inventory, $17,166, cost of purchases, $27,743, cost of ending inventory, $22,037, total operating expenses, $3097, compute net sales, cos

    Estimating the Fair Value of a Preferred Stock

    The preferred stock of the Clarence Radiology Company has a par value of $100 and a $9 dividend rate. You require an 11 percent rate of return on this stock. What is the maximum price you would pay for it? Would you buy it at a market price of $96?

    HPR calculation

    Three Stocks: FSLR, SCTY, SPWR. Benchmark KWT 1a. Calculate the holding period return for each stock from the viewpoint of an investor who purchased them at the closing price on February Monday 10th 2014 and held them until the closing of the market on Wednesday March 12th. If you had initially invested $10,000 in each of

    Portfolio Optimizations

    I have the three funds below with their own return and standard deviation. I want to find the optimal/efficient portfolio in Excel. Can you help me with this? (basically varying the weights of the 3 funds in the portfolio I want to find the best combination for the highest portfolio return and lower risk for instance). In Excel


    QUESTION 1 Focus on the June 445 call. Suppose you bought this call at the price indicated. How high must AAPL's price rise at expiration to break even on this option? QUESTION 2 Now, look at the June 445 put. Provide a table showing the profit at expiration to a put buyer across a range of stock prices. QUESTION 3

    Describing a Mutual Fund

    Please answer only if you know how to do it. This is the problem. Mutual fund: Fidelity International Growth Fund (FIGFX) http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=FIGFX 1) Provide SIZE, TURNOVER and FEE STRUCTURE 2) Performance during the past 5 years (No computation is needed if info is available online) 3) If I invested $10,00

    Two Stage Dividend Growth Model

    I need some help for this case study: IBM has generated annual dividend growth of 15.1% over the past 3 years. IBM's most recent annual dividend is $2.90. Assume IBM will continue to increase dividends at 15.1% for the next 5 years before reducing its dividend growth to 6% for the long term. Also assume that the required retur

    High frequency trading

    SUMMARY: High-frequency traders have been paying to get direct access to market-moving news releases, a practice that can give firms the ability to trade fractions of a second ahead of less fleet-footed investors. The traders are getting news releases from Business Wire, which distributes corporate-earnings releases and economic

    Purchasing Power Parity and Carrytrade

    I need help with the below questions: 1. How is the purchasing power parity of the Euro (€) relative to the Pound Sterling (£) and US Dollar ($) affected by a Greek exit from European monetary union? What is the impact on European and American debt, equity, and mortgage markets? 2. With regards to current economic condit

    Furtures market equilibrium

    Financial Market 4. Are the following statements consistent or inconsistent? Explain your answer and discuss how equilibrium is achieved between the futures and cash markets. 1. Futures markets serve an important function of the global financial markets by giving investors the opportunity to better manage financial risks

    Hedging with Financial Derivatives

    11) A bank added a bond to its portfolio. The bond has a duration of 12.3 years and cost $1,109. Just after buying the bond, the bank discovered that market interest rates are expected to rise from 8% to 8.75%. What is the expected change in the bond value? 5) Suppose that the pension you are managing is expecting an inflow o

    Target Capital Structure and Future investments

    DC computer Ltd has recently changed its target capital structure and expects to maintain it for future investments. This target capital structure is reflected in the current market value of the financing already undertaken: $272,000 in debt, $428,000 in preference shares and $400,000 in ordinary equity. The following data has b

    Computing GDP

    Introduction: GDP is the most widely reported measure of the economy's output. It is the market value of the final goods and services produced in the economy within a particular time period. Tasks: Compute the GDP of Tanzania by using the following hypothetical information (all amounts are in trillions of dollars): Con

    Annual Yield for an investment

    Please explain how to calculate the annual yield for an investment. For example: Albert Einstein Nursing Home has $200,000 in surplus funds and wishes to invest in marketable securities. The transaction costs to buy and sell the securities are $2,200 and the securities will be held for three months, what required annual yield mu

    Bonds - Ranking Investment Opportunities

    1. Assume that you are in the 40% federal-plus-state marginal tax bracket and that capital gains taxes are deferred until maturity. Assuming equal investment risk and a horizontal yield curve, rank the following investment opportunities on the basis of the effective annual yields: a. A $100 par value perpetual preferred stoc

    Choosing investment A or B and determining the riskiness of each option

    1. An individual has to choose between investment A and investment B. The individual estimates that the income and probability of the income from each investment are as given in the following table: ....Investment A..............................Investment B Income.....Probability................Income.........Probab

    Calculate the fund's beta and required rate of return.

    Alcoa's Inc.'s Pension Fund holds 4 stocks. The market's required rate of return is 6% and the risk free rate is 2%. Stock Investment Beta A $300,000 1.75 B $500,000 -0.75 C $1,000,000 1.05 D $500,000 0.75 a. What is this fund's beta? b. Calculate the requi

    Gross Domestic Product and Trends

    I need help calculating GDP and trends, please. Calculate the percentage change between the first and last years for each of the questions. What trends do you see? ** Please see the attached file for the data set **