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    Income Distribution

    Income is most often earned through wages and is what an individual receives for their hours of labour or investments. The government usually taxes an employee’s income and the government, allocated by the federal budget, uses the revenue of income taxes. If a family’s level of income is less than the average income level, necessary goods and services can become too expensive and this creates the possibility for the family to fall into poverty.

    Income can be thought of as GDP per capita and is often an indicator of economic growth and development. Typically as the GDP per capita a economy is likely developing. But, just looking at GDP per capita ignores the effect of income distribution. The GDP per capita, for example, can grow from only an increase in incomes of the wealthiest 0.5% of the population and the poorest can even be getting poorer. This is not a situation of good economic development even though GDP per capita is rising. 

    Income distribution measures the amount of income earned by different divisions within the population. The Lorenz curve models how income is distributed throughout a community and measures income inequality. The Gini coefficient measures inequality as a statistical measure among frequency distributions. These two measures provide both a graphic and a quantitative representation of income distribution respectively. 

    Income inequality is a prevalent issue in the United States and many other countries, which is why income distribution an important topic in macroeconomics.

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    7. Consider a 10 person economy. The poverty line is 1. In the first period the income distribution is: (.5,.5,.75,.75,1,1,1.5,1.5,2,2). a. What is the level of poverty? Answer utilizing headcount ratio, [normalized] poverty gap, and P2 measures. b. Suppose that in the next period one of the individuals making 1.5 now make

    Lorenz Curve

    Consider a 12-person stylized dual economy with the following income distribution: (1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,4,4,4) 1- Graph the Lorenz curve. 2- Calculate The Gini coefficient 3-Now suppose the incomes of two members increase from 1to 4. Graph the Lorenz curve (you may use your graph in part1, distinguish which curve applies h

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    Explain the relationship between the marginal propensity to consume and the marginal propensity to save. How do these two components affect GDP?

    Testing the Null Hypothesis

    Suppose you have estimated a model that explains household food expenditures (in dollars) as a function of household income using 40 observations: Coefficient Std. Error t-stat p-value Intercept 83.41600 43.43106 1.9215 0.0622 Income 10.20964 2.093264 4.8774 0.0 a) Construct a 95% interval estimate for B1 and intercept.

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