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    Estimation & Forecasting

    Estimation and forecasting refers to the estimation of any variable through econometric techniques. For example, demand estimation attempts to estimate a demand curve using recorded data for quantity demanded, price and other determining factors¹. Based on the demand  curve estimated, a firm can then apply demand & supply economic theory to plan production and investments in a profit maximizing manner. Decisions about entering new markets, inventory and pricing plans are also dependent on demand estimation. Forecasting, as opposed to estimation is used to predict future values. 

    Forecasting will be used when, for example, a manager wants to know how high demand will be in a certain number of years. If a manager wants to know how a pricing policy can be used to create an increase in demand, he/she will use an estimation technique. The level of demand for a product influences a firm’s decision in forming its competitive strategy. Demand forecasting is estimating the quantity of a good or service that consumers purchase. Demand forecasting includes informal methods and quantitative methods.

    Forecasting is used to reduce the uncertainty of a decision regarding resource allocation and predicts economic conditions about the future and determines how they will impact the firm’s operations.

    Estimation and forecasting are facilitated by regression analysis and various econometric techniques. Once the parameters are estimated, the strength between the independent variable and dependent variable is measured. There are two types of methods of estimation, which include a simple method of estimation and a statistical method of estimation



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    How does the empirical analysis of automobile demand illustrate the fact that not only do consumers consider the monetary price of purchasing an automobile, but they also are sensitive to other costs (or the "full price") of the purchase?

    Construction Cost Estimate - Trusses and Columns

    A small steel frame structure is to be erected and you are to prepare an estimate of the cost based on the data given below and the assumptions provided. Assumptions: the unloading, erection, temporary bolting, and plumbing will be done by a crew of 1 foreman, 1 crane operator, and 4 structural steel workers with 55 ton crawl

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    You've recently learned that the company where you work is being sold for $550,000. The company's income statement indicates current profits of $24,000, which have yet to be paid out as dividends. Assuming the company will remain a "going concern" indefinitely and that the interest rate will remain constant at 7 percent, at what

    Price and advertising elasticity of demand for donuts

    The demand function for Newton's Donuts has been estimated as follows: Qx = -14 - 54Px + 45Py + 0.62Ax where Qx represents thousands of donuts; Px is the price per donut; Py is the average price per donut of other brands of donuts; and Ax represents thousands of dollars spent on advertising Newton's Donuts. The current

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    What is the significance of waiting line costs. Address the importance of satisfied customers, arrival points, and service characteristics. 100 words and sources used, thanks.

    Increase in Nominal and Real GDP

    Suppose an economy produces only two goods, cups of coffee and gallons of milk, as shown in Table 11.E1: (in attachment) a. Calculate the expenditure on each good and the nominal and real GDP for 2010, the base year. b. Repeat this exercise for each of the three alter-native cases (1, 2, and 3). c. Explain the differences bet

    Price elasticity of demand and revenue

    Warburtons one of the largest producers of bread in the UK decided to lower bread prices by 7%. Suppose that as a result of the price decrease, the volume of bread sold by Warburtons increases by 6%. What can you infer about the own price elasticity of dmand for Warburtons bread? Can you predict how the revenues on the sales of

    Engineering Economics Questions

    See the attached file. Question 2 Yakima is retiring this year with his savings in an investment fund worth $750,000. The fund has an average annual return of 9.00% (EAR). a How much can Yakima withdraw at the end of each month (12 months per year) to have the fund last 30 years and still have $100,000 i

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    I have attempted some of the questions within the excel sheet; however, I'm not sure if I'm on the right track. Can you please provide any assistance/formulas you can to assist? Question 1. Alfred has been advised that on each pay day he should pay himself first by depositing some part of his paycheck in a fund before sp

    Friction Free and Low-Friction Economy

    Do some research on a topic known to economists as the 'friction-free' or 'low-friction' economy. Early writers on this topic foresaw many of the seismic shifts that have occurred in the market place over the past one to two decades. Some of these early writings on 'friction' discussed many of the business tools we now think of

    Drawing market graphs and calculating equilibrium

    1. Rochester Metro Area was hit with a major ice storm in 2003. Assume that before the ice storm of 2003, the weekly demand and supply for ice in the Rochester Metro Area were given by the following equations: Dpre: P = 100 - Q Spre: S = 5 + 0.5Q a. Draw a graph representing the Rochester ice market before the storm, a

    Calculate NPV and IRR of two mutually exclusive projects.

    If a company is evaluating two mutually exclusive projects. Their cost of capital is 15 percent. Costs and cash flows are given in the following table. Which project should be accepted? Calculate NPV and IRR to formulate your decision. Year Project 1 Project 2 0 ($1,250,000) ($1,250,000) 1

    Calculating the NPVs of Given Projects

    If a company is evaluating two independent projects. The company uses a 13.8 percent discount rate for such projects. Cost and cash flows are shown in the table. What are the NPVs of the two projects? Year Project 1 Project 2 0 ($8,425,375) ($11,368,000) 1 $3,225,997 $2,112,589 2

    Stock price forecast process

    Please help with the following. Suppose that a stock price has an expected return of 16% per annum and a volatility of 30% per annum. When the stock price at the end of a certain day is $50, calculate the following: 1) the expected stock price at the end of the following day. 2) the standard deviation of the stock at

    NPV and discount rates

    Look back to the cash flows for projects F and G in Section 5 (page 112; also below). The cost of capital was assumed to be 10%. Assume that the forecasted cash flows for projects of this type are overstated by 8% on average. That is, the forecast for each cash flow from each project should be reduced by 8%. But a lazy financial

    Merger of Detroit Free Press and Detroit Daily News

    In 1989, the Detroit Free Press and Detroit Daily News obtained permission to merge under a special exemption from the antitrust laws. The merged firm continued to public the two newspapers but was operated as a single entity. A) Before the merger, each of the separate newspapers was losing about $10 million per year. Wh

    Stock ROI

    I would like assistance with a Microsoft Excel solution to the attached problem. Thanks so much.

    Mid-Atlantic Cinema total revenue and forecast of total revenues

    Mid-Atlantic Cinema, Inc. runs a chain of movie theaters in the east-central states and has enjoyed great success with a Tuesday Night at the Movies promotion. By offering half off its regular $9 admission price, average nightly attendance has risen from 500 to 1,500 persons. Popcorn and other concessions revenues tied to attend

    cash flows

    Purchases of Foodie Inc, from suppliers in any given quarter are 75% of the next quarter's forecast sales with 60 day terms. Wages taxes and other expenses are 20% of sales, and interest and dividends are $60 per quarter. No capital expenditures are planned. Forecasts of sales are $750 in Q1, $920 in Q2, $890 in Q3, $790 in Q4

    International Finance

    1. Frizzell Co. has 1,000,000 euros as receivables due in 30 days, and is certain that the euro will depreciate substantially over time. Assuming that the firm is correct, the ideal strategy is to: A) sell euros forward. B) purchase euro currency put options. C) purchase euro currency call options. D) purchase euros forw

    calculation of the price of a stock

    1. Calculate the price of a stock that has a one-period horizon, is expected to pay a dividend of $.20 per share for the period, with the following prices and associated probabilities forecast at the end of the period: Probability 0.3 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.1 Price $40 $45 $55 $62 $70 The return on comparable

    Calculating Annual Growth Rate

    The following table shows annual sales data for Landrover, Inc., over the ten-year 1998-2008 period: Year Sales ($ Millions) 1998 $4.0 1999 4.8 2000 5.6 2001 6.4 2002 7.0 2003 7.6 2004 8.4 2005 9.2 2006 10.2 2007 11.2 2008 12.4 A.Calculate the 1998-

    Sales Forecast

    The forecast level of sales for the month of May was 240 units. Actual sales in May turned out to be 200 units. Use an exponential smoothing coefficient of 0.8 to forecast sales for June.

    Estimate the quarterly trend in sales

    A. Firms in the industry are concerned about sales. They would like to know if there is an upward trend in sales of children's toys. Use the data above to estimate the quarterly trend in sales using a linear trend model of the form: Qt = a + bt. Does your statistical analysis indicate a trend? If so, is it an upward or downwar

    Calculating a Four-Period Moving Average Forecast

    The table below shows the demand for Fidgets over an 8-month period. Calculate a four-period moving average forecast for September. Also evaluate the quality of the four-period moving average forecasting model by calculating the root-mean-square error for the data set. Note: Round all intermediate calculations to two decimal pla

    Capital Structure Analysis

    A company needs $500,000,000 to finance a major project in the company. The company is expected to generate a total of $80,000,000 in earnings next year with the addition of this project. The company currently has 50,000,000 million shares outstanding, with a price of $25 per share. Assume perfect capital markets. Complete the f

    Operating Income and Residual Operating Income

    The following are key numbers from Quantum's financial statements for 2007. Net operating assets, end of year $42,104.0 million Net financial obligations, end of year 12,357.0 million Common equity, end of year

    rational expectations hypothesis (REH)

    1. Discuss the rational expectations hypothesis (REH). How does the REH differ from adaptive expectations? Explain the implications of REH for the effectiveness of macroeconomic stabilization policy.