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    Economic Indicators

    Economic data refers to the quantitative measures used when describing an economy. An economic indicator is a data piece or statistic used to predict economic activity. Economic indicators are used to analyze the effectiveness of economic actions or implementations and are also used to predict economic performance. Economic indicators are used to study business cycles and to provide insight on earning reports and other economic summaries. Economic indicators can be procyclical, acyclical, and countercyclical depending on whether they are positively, not, or negatively correlated to GDP respectively. 

    Economic indicators are categorized into three main types. The first type is a leading indicator that aims to predict the direction of the economy. The stock market and manufacturing activity are examples of leading indicators. The second type is a coincident indicator, which correlate with economic activity. The third type of economic indicator is a lagging indicator, which appears after related economic activity. The unemployment rate is an example of a lagging indicator.

    Economic indicators (especially leading indicators) are extremely important to the study of economics as well as our own lives. They are used to predict the future about our economy and are incorporated in making decisions about investments as well as the government’s decision about interest rates. The gross domestic product (GDP) report is one of the most important indicators because it is the largest measure of the economy’s state. 

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    Health Insurance Mandate

    Can you give me some original ideas on the following: A. What will be the effect of mandated health insurance benefits be on the labour if the workers do not place any value on the benefits? What if they do place value on the benefits? B. What are five policies for Medicare and what goals does each address? C. Explai

    Commodity Economies in Today's' Society

    Imagine this: each community in the country is suddenly responsible for designing its own local commodity-based financial system, and you have been assigned the task of choosing what commodity your community will use and how it will be implemented. Please answer: 1. What commodity would you choose, and why would it work for

    Evaluate Canada's economy

    Analyze and interpret data trends (e.g., unemployment, inflation, real GDP, interest, housing starts) over the most recent three-year period to evaluate the economy and Canada's current economic status. Identify whether the economy is expanding (booming) or contracting (in recession). You can get the economic data from www.st

    Executive Compensation and Performance

    The attached chart shows the growth of the average CEO pay over the period 1990 to 2005. The head of a typical public company made $ 9.7 million dollars in 2011. There are many who see too weak a link between CEO pay and performance. Others object to the gap between executive compensation and the average worker. In your research

    Five Key Economic Indicators for Whirlpool

    Identify at least five key economic indicators for whirlpool, and justified the choice of each indicator with an explanation of why the indicator is a good choice (see the attachment). What sources could be used to obtain these forecasts?

    politicians understanding of macroeconomics

    Presidents, senators and members of congress come from a variety of different backgrounds but all must decide upon a great many issues that involve macroeconomics. Do you think politicians understand macroeconomics? As a related question, do you think politicians act in the best economic interests of the country or do they make

    Advertising and Price

    o Advertising can inform buyers, but sellers must incur costs to advertise. If so, advertising can result in higher prices to consumers. Does this mean advertising is economically inefficient? If not, explain how it can simultaneously create value and increase market prices. o Following are observations on the market p


    1. Select three macro-economic indicators that you feel have the greatest impact on the operations and/or planning for Kohls. Remember that an economic indicator measures a change in the general or in a specific aspect of the economy and and you should be assessing how each macro-economic change you have chosen affec

    Case Study: Restaurant

    Case Study: Restaurant You have been recently hired as manager of a restaurant and a very important credit card company offers you a deal that is supposed to increase your sales. The deal proposed is the following: for each customer that uses this company's credit card the second person on the same party eats for half the pr

    How would you define macroeconomics?

    How would you define macroeconomics? I know that Macroeconomics examines the economy as a whole but, what causes the economy to grow over time?', 'What causes short-run fluctuations in the economy?' 'What influences the values various economic indicators and how do those indicators affect economic performance?

    Forms of business organization, imports, and the family

    1. Give three examples of operating company formed as: sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Explain how you decided on categorizing them. 2. List a few imported products that you purchase on regular basis. Do you have mixed feelings when you purchase products manufactured in a foreign country? How do your decisi

    Firm Concentration Ratio & Merging

    There are six firms in the industry. Suppose their sales in the year 2006 are as follows: Firm Sales (10 millions of dollars) A 100 B 80 C 50 D 40 E 40 F 20 1. What is the concentration ratio in th

    GDP Per Capita & Recessions

    1. Economic growth, as measured by increases in real GDP per capita, is a goal for most countries. This is often interpreted as an increase in economic welfare for citizens. How would you evaluate this assertion? If there are reasons to dispute it, why is it a nearly universally recognized goal? Are there better methods for meas

    Notes on the chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code

    Since the late 1990â??s more than 25 domestic steel companies have filed for bankruptcy. A combination of low prices with strong competition by foreign competitors and so-called â??legacy costsâ? of unions are cited as the primary reason why so many steel companies. are filing for bankruptcy. In 2002, as Brownstown Steel Co

    Emarati expatriate

    From the article i uploaded,do you think that Emiratis is a good expatriate? ,why?

    chart stock vs. index

    Select 2 companies from different industrial sectors, e.g. high tech (computers, health), consumer non-durables (food, personal services, retailers), cyclical (mining/metals, forestry, oil & gas), etc. Note that one of the companies will be the subject of your term paper assignment described below. Ensure that you can obtain the

    American Recession Overview

    I need assistance answering the following questions. 1. The US is currently recovering from its worst recession in over 25 years. Using the resource provided in this and earlier modules of the course explain what factors or activities you think helped cause this economic situation. Explain your answer. 2. Economists c

    Effects of unemployment and prices on the economy

    1. You may have experienced some of the hardships stemming from you or one of your family members losing a job. Are there additional costs experienced by the economy when unemployment increases? 2. Does getting large raises in your paycheck mean you're better off? What if prices are going up even faster? How do we know if pr

    State your position about a contention

    Despite very low growth of GDP in 2008 and 2009, and still high unemployment rate of 9.5% in June 2010. Many experts in economics and business profession have been saying for months that the great recession of 2008-09 was on the verge of its sustainable recovery at a slower pace. Do you agree or disagree with this contention? An

    HHI and dominant firms

    Find the Herfindahl index for an industry composed of (a) three firms - one with 70 percent of the market, and the other two with 20 and 10 percent of the market respectively (b) one firm with 50 percent share of the market and 10 other equal sized firms (c) 10 equal sized firms. Since under price leadership by the dominant

    Diffusion Index

    Would someone please provide any feedback they can on the attached question. It has been posted for more than 4 days and not many people have even viewed it. Please respond back asap. Please see attachment for question. Also, please show all work and explain answer clearly. Thanks,

    Calculate the Implied Arc Income Elasticity of Demand

    Organic Gardens is a leading distributor of potted plants and their maintenance for business environment. Demand for organic services is tied to overall pace of business activity and therefore is sensitive to changes in national income.The greenery service sector is highly competitive, so organics demand is also very price-sensi

    difference between profit maximization and shareholder wealth maximization

    1. Discuss the difference between profit maximization and shareholder wealth maximization. Which of these is a more comprehensive statement of a company's economic objectives? 2. Briefly discuss the Coase theorem. What does this theory imply about the role of government in dealing with market externalities? 3.