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ECO - 550

Question: What were the key provisions of the tax cuts passed by Congress in spring 2003? How would these tax cuts be represented by the aggregate expenditure model and the IS curve?

(Reminder: APA format must be used for writing.)

Bullet points not allowed. Detailed explanation must be provided.
All charts, tables, graphs,..etc. must be in the appendix and will not count towards the required three pages.
The research report should be balanced between compiling research data to address the topic and expressing student opinions/assessments of the research data using the underlying concepts.

The format for the research report is as follows: Each section must be clearly identified and labeled as such:

Executive Summary:

The executive summary should state the topic, a brief discussion of the key points, and any conclusions/management implications.
Section 1: Introduction:
Here should be clearly defined the purpose/question at issue........
Section 2. The underlying Concepts
Here should be identified the concepts with a brief synopsis of them.
Section 3. Analysis.
(employ comprehensive thinking to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the facts, concepts, detail)
Section 4: Summary/Conclusions/Recommendations
In this section you will summarize their findings and conclusions and include specific recommendations for action.
Section 5: References (please use academic references ONLY (no wikepedia, Investopedia,....etc.).