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Supply and Demand

I only need 1 sentence for each question.

1. Are CD depositors moving their money between banks based on very low CD interest rate differentials? Would a 0.1% higher rate attract a great deal of deposits in CDs?

(Note going from 1.3% to 1.4% is a 7.7% change in the interest rate in percentage terms (the percentage change in a percentage rate, even though the rate has gone up by 0.1%--that is by a tenth of a percent in absolute terms.)

2.If price elasticity of demand is 0.3, what is the effect on lowering prices by 10%?

3. If price elasticity of demand is 1.5, what is the effect on lowering prices by 10%?

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1. A .1% increase in CD rates would not induce people to change banks. The hassle of ...

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