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    Almost all economies have a modern banking system, such as the one the one that exists in Canada. Banking refers to the monetary and financial activies that exist between the financial institution, the population, and the government. Banks provide liquidity for businesses and families to invest in for the future. Banks will provide a secure place to save cash (deposits) and these deposits are then insured. Banks keep ten percent of a deposit on hand and lend the other ninety percent out. Banks make more money from charging higher interest rates on loans than what they pay for deposits.

    A central bank is a government owned and operated institution that is the sole money-issuing authority and controls the banking system¹. In Canada, the central bank is the Bank of Canada, referred to as just the "Bank"¹. Financial intermediaries are institutions that are privately owned and serve the general public. These types of institutions are called intermediaries because they accept deposits from the savers and give loans to the investors. Commercial banks refer to the financial intermediaries who accept deposits and create deposit money.

    A central bank serves four basic functions: it is a bankers for private banks, a bank for the government, the regulator of the nation’s money supply, and a regulator and supporter of financial markets. The central bank will take deposits from commercial banks, which will then be transferred to the account of another bank. This process between central banks and commercial banks provide commercial banks with what can be seen as a chequing account and a means of settling debts to other banks¹.

    Banks are also private firms that work towards a profit. Any liabilities the bank has are its deposits that are owned to the depositors. The main assets of a bank are its securities, including government bonds, and the interest-earning loans made to individuals and businesses. A bank loan is a liability to the borrower but an asset to the bank¹. An economy cannot function without banking because banks control the money supply and regulate the economy.



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    As far as non banking corporations are concerned following ratios determine the corporation to be adequately capitalized or undercapitalized: (i) Working capital to total asset ratio (ii) Retained earnings to total asset ratio (iii) EBIT to total sales ratio (iv) Market value of equity to book value of liabilities (v) Sales

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    Deposit Reserve Requirement (10%) Loan Bank 1 2,000 A = ? B = ? Bank 2 1,800 C = ? 1,620 Bank 3 D = ? E = ? 1,458 Identify the values that complete the

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    The GSEs would not purchase subprime and Alt-A nonagency securities during the 2000s. This meant that banks had to buy these risky securities which was a leading factor leading to the collapse of Wells Fargo. True or false and why?

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    Suppose the entire economy contains $5000 worth of one-dollar bills. (a) If people fail to deposit any of the dollars, but instead hold all $5000 as currency, how large is the money supply? (b) If people deposit the entire $5000 worth of bills in banks that are required to observe a 100% reserve requirement, how large is the

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    Consider a world in which there is no currency and depository institutions issue only checkable deposits and desire to hold no excess reserves. The required reserve ratio is 20 percent. The central bank sells $1 billion in government securities. What happens to the money supply?

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    The Wall Street Journal reported that businesses are aggressively pushing consumers to pay bills electronically. Numerous banks dropped their monthly fees for online bill paying, and many merchants are offering incentives for customers to sign up for online bill payment. Aside from the direct cost savings to businesses, such a

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    Purchasing a Battery: An engineering student needs to replace the battery in her car so that she can drive home for a vacation after Spring Semester. She has located the following possibilities: Battery Warranty Battery Cost 2 years

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    Suppose the Required Reserve Ratio (RRR) is 10 percent and the balance sheet of the People's National Bank looks like the accompanying example: ASSETS LIABILITIES Vault Cash- $20,000 Checking Deposits-$200,000 Deposits at Fed-$30,000

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    Jane invested $9,000 in a high yield bank account. At the end of 15 years she closed the account and received $299,000. 1. Compute the effective interest rate per year she received on the account if the interest was compounded yearly. 2. If the account was compounded quarterly, what was the nominal interest rate per year

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    Can I please have someone answer the 2 questions below? Thanks 1. Suppose you decide to open a copy store. You rent store space (signing a one-year lease to do so), and you take out a loan at a local bank and use the money to purchase 10 copiers. Six months later, a large chain opens a copy store two blocks away from yours.

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    Economic activities: *Purchasing of groceries *Massive layoff of employees *Decrease in taxes Please describe how each of these activities affects government, households, and businesses. Describe the flow of resources from one entity to another for each activity. How do these activities relate to each other?

    Money Multiplier: Imagine one of the worst case scenarios realizes

    Imagine one of the worst case scenarios realizes in October 2012, in which Greece does not belong to the eurozone any more, so Greece goes back to the use of its own currency, Greek drachma. Suppose that the monetary base, which is equivalent to the sum of all the initial deposits in the banking system, has risen from 1 trillion

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    There is always debate regarding the structure of the current income tax system in the U.S. Many opponents of the current system argue that under its current structure, many wealthy households are able to avoid taxes and for most households, the tax system is simply too complicated and confusing. One solution that has been propo

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    The Federal Reserve Bank controls the money supply and interest rates in the United States. How good, or bad, a job has it done over the last two years? Why? What could it or should it have done differently? Why?

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    1. ABC Corp. owns a piece of land and building a few miles from its headquarters. The land originally cost ABC $500,000 to purchase. ABC is considering using the facility for a new training program. It could also rent a building about the same distance from its headquarters for $20,000 a year. A developer has offered ABC $2.5 m

    Find the present value of a future payment

    The concept of present value gives the equivalent in dollars available immediately to a payment that is made at some point in the future. What amount of money today is equivalent to $1,100 one year from now, if banks are paying an interest rate i = 10% per year? In other words, what is the present value of $1,100 received on

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    Review "Last Word: Nudging People Toward Better Decisions" on pages 128-129 of your textbook. Discuss the ethics of using unconscious nudges to alter people's behavior. Within your answer, consider the argument made by economists Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, who favor the use of nudges. Could nudges be avoided? Do all polic