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    BrainMass Need to Know eBooks are printable PDF documents that offer detailed explanations of specific topics of interest. Each book is authored by an expert on the subject and offers summary information, step-by-step explanations, answers to common questions, and additional resources for further study.

    Our authors hail from the best graduate schools in the world. All BrainMass eBooks are focused on a particular topic, ensuring that the content will be useful as well as applicable and practical. They are a fantastic resource for all students looking to improve their grades, or for anyone looking to improve their know-how.

    What's Included?

    What's Included in a Need to Know eBook

    BrainMass "Need to Know" eBooks provide you with study-ready explanations of key concepts and ideas. Our books are authored by our Experts, who are also available to answer questions. Here's a quick rundown of what each of our academic eBooks features:

    A Useful Introduction to the Concept

    Each Expert takes the time to explain the nature of the concept, where it comes from and why it's relevant for those studying that subject. Often, a real-world example of why it's important is included. Our introductions "set the stage" for you to read on and learn everything you "need to know."

    Key Points in their own Sections

    Each "Need to Know" eBook will be broken down into a few different sections. Each individual section will be dedicated to one aspect of the book's topic, which when put together, will ensure you have a full understanding of the topic at hand.

    Diagrams & Illustrations

    Many of our Experts will include illustrations and visual aids to enhance their eBooks. Often, having a diagram can really help in making something easy to understand, so we encourage our authors to use them as much as they can.

    A Glossary of Key Terms

    Every subject of study has terms and expressions that are unique to that field. Our "Need to Know"  eBooks help by providing a list of the most common terms and a definition for each one.

    Additional Resources & References

    Those students who are looking for more information will always have a place to continue their research. Our Experts will provide you with helpful and interesting links that will expand your understanding of the topic in question.

    BrainMass Need to Know academic eBooks are not only a fantastic way to get explanations of troublesome topics, but they also provide a great place to start studying a topic that's coming up in a class.

    Remember that if you have any comments or suggestions about our eBooks, we'd love to hear about it. Just send an email to [email protected].

    Our Top 10 Selling eBooks

    MLA Citations

    Stephanie Higley, MEd (#106985)

    This book is a complete reference guide for MLA (Modern Language Association) citations and formatting. It includes a general overview of MLA citations, including formatting, parenthetical or in-text citations, footnotes, and everything you need to k READ MORE »

    24 Pages | 4,535 Words

    Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay

    Emeline Bakaj, MA (#110649)

    This book describes the steps needed to write a dynamic five-paragraph essay. By learning this basic essay format, the writer will be prepared to conquer all types of college writing.

    This book is ideal for high school and college students, Engli READ MORE »

    17 Pages | 2,852 Words

    Working Capital Management

    Vineet Swarup, MBA (#104722)

    Working Capital Management is an important issue for any organization as it directly impacts the profitability and the survival of the firm.

    This book addresses the following questions: What is working capital? Why it is important to manage workin READ MORE »

    15 Pages | 2,141 Words

    Strategic HR Management

    Ashish Sharma, MBA (IP) (#105419)

    Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the new face of the traditional Human Resource Management (HRM). If you are seeking a career in HRM, it presents you with numerous opportunities to explore people and their behavior.

    The aim of this READ MORE »

    21 Pages | 3,164 Words


    Leading Teams

    Paula DiBacco, MBA (#107048)

    The foundation of all team building is having shared goals to which all team members are committed. Team building is only productive if it establishes or builds on those goals. Teams are formed for many reasons including: process improvements, strate READ MORE »

    18 Pages | 2,336 Words

    Customer Service Excellence

    Aaron Barbee, MBA (#105647)

    "Customer Service" has been a buzzword (or even a catch phrase) for quite some time. There might even be occasions when employees think that if they aren't being rude to customers then their actions are effective enough and they are providing ample c READ MORE »

    21 Pages | 3,328 Words

    Writing a Business Plan

    Beth Bertelsen, MBA (#108863)

    This book describes the fundamental points you need to know in order to write a business plan. You'll be given key components of a business plan, the reasons they're included in a plan, and practical advice for your specific needs, whether you're wr READ MORE »

    23 Pages | 4,843 Words

    Study Skills

    Aaron Barbee, MBA (#105647)

    This book provides various ideas that should you help maximize your study time, as well as suggestions for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your studying. If you have been in school for a while, you may not realize that there are other t READ MORE »

    20 Pages | 4,822 Words