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supporting evidence for global warming and the evidence agai

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For each of these two, find 3 sources that support the viewpoint that global warming is happening and 3 sources that do not support this viewpoint. Summarize the reasons presented by each source for their belief or their denial that global warming is happening.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each perspective?
Who should make decisions that affect all of us and the environment?
Can you think of a course of action that is a compromise between these two plans?

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Evidence supporting global warming:

Global warming has increasingly attracted attention from people. The book by Al Gore, "An Inconvenient Truth", argues that concentration of carbon dioxide is increasing as more and more people rely on burning fossil fuels and that this increase will lead to the engulfment of many cities in USA and change the agricultural patterns as well (Gore, 2006).

Another source supporting global warming is the analysis of historical sea surface temperature (Cane et al., 1997). In this study, they found that the zonal sea surface temperature strengthened. This massive change could result from global warming.

The third phenomenon that supports global warming is sea ice amount changes during the past few decades (Vinnikov et al., 1999). Scientists' analysis, have revealed ...

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