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Travel Questions

Question 1

Motorcoach tours across the African continent are common:

question 2

Corcovado is a famed statue, overlooking Rio Janiero. Your clients may access this site in the following way(s):
A. Via a narrow road
B. By water taxi
C. By helicopter
D. A two-car electrically powered railway train
E. Both A and D

Question 3

Current political situations prevent travelers from crossing the border from Israel to visit Petra.

Question 4

Vina del Mar is:
A. A popular Chilean fishing village
B. A Peruvian urban area of many fashionable homes
C. Argentina's fun Italian neighborhood
D. A very fashionable Chilean beach resort
E. The gateway to Bolivia's Lake Titicaca

Question 5

South Africa's Sun City is a community of casinos.

Question 6

Liberia was founded by freed slaves from the US.

Question 7

Africa's famed Blue Train operates in:
A. Ethiopia
B. Kenya
C. Zambia
D. Togo
E. South Africa

Question 8

The Capitol of South Africa is:
A. Durban
B. Cape Town
C. Johannesburg
D. Kimberley
E. Pretoria

Question 9

Masada is located:
A. On the banks of the Nile River
B. at the Dead Sea
C. In the Sinai Desert
D. At the Amazon Estuary

Question 10

The horrors of this now famous penal settlement became notorious after the French Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus was sent there in 1895:
A. Staten Island
B. Gulliver's Island
C. Devil's Island
D. Catalina Island
E. Tobago Island

Question 11

The Brazilian "Gaucho" is equivalent to:
A. The sparkling beaches of South Florida
B. The Leaning Tower of Pizza
C. Bikini-clad spring break revelers
D. American cowboys

Question 12

Some of the best ruins of the Roman and Hellenic period are located in:
A. Gabon
B. Libya
C. Egypt
D. Morocco

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