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Travel Industry Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1
In reading tour brochures, the travel agent should:

A. Not worry about operator responsibility clause in the brochure.
B. Put emphasis on the descriptive writing in brochure when talking to interested client.
C. Check carefully what is and is not included in the program which interests the client.
D. Treat everything said in most tour brochures as hyperbole or lies.

Question 2
Being able to solicit revenue passengers for their business while traveling on a cruise at a travel agent's rate is one of the benefits of this rate category.

Question 3
Many travel authorities believe a website is a must for successful travel agents.

Question 4
"Jax Fax" Magazine is a good source for a listing of airline ticket consolidators.

Question 5
True independent contractors are free to do business with anyone they wish.

Question 6
Many agents elect to purchase and use Errors and Omission Insurance.

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Q1: Travel Agents should definitely pay attention to the operator responsibility clause. Also, they should not treat tour brochures as hyberbole or lies, since they are actually useful tools in showing a client potential travel options. While either B or C would be good answers, I would go ...

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