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Groundwater flow

Hello. I cannot answer these two questions for my homework assignment.

Here are the questions...

1. Compare the differences between groundwater to streams and rivers separately.

2. What are the major geological impacts running water and groundwater have on people?

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Both running water and groundwater is recharged through the hydrogeologic cycle. When precipitation falls, it percolates into the ground until the ground is saturated. If precipitation continues to fall, it runs over the saturated ground, pulled by gravity to lower levels. Over time running water erodes channels into the earth. These become streams and rivers. Water in streams and rivers is exposed to the atmosphere and evaporates. It is also more available for use by people and animals, and it provides water to plants that grow along the water edge. Entire ecosystems form around running water.

Groundwater and running water are interconnected through recharge zones. In these areas, running water percolates into the ground, or the groundwater runs out of the ground, depending on the saturation level of the earth. ...

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Groundwater vs running water