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    Geophysics is an interdisciplinary subject which studies the Earth and its environment in space. Geophysicists will study the Earth by using quantitative physical methods. Geophysics can also refer to geological applications. Geophysics looks at the Earth’s shape, its gravitational and magnetic fields, its internal structures and composition, its dynamics and their surface expression in plate tectonics, the generation of magmas, volcanism and rock formations.

    Geophysics can be applied to meet society’s requirements. It has been used in mineral resources, mitigation of natural hazards and environmental protection. Geophysics can also be utilized by surveying the land to analyze potential petroleum reservoirs and mineral deposits, locate groundwater, find archaeological relics, determine the thickness of glaciers and soils, and assess sites for environmental remediation.



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    The Topography of France

    In the subject line, choose a European country. Describe the topography of your chosen country. Look at where the major cities are located and compare it to the topography. What do you see? How does topography affect travel? How does topography affect the country's climate?


    Using the attached map, can you help answer the following questions? 5) Using the 500 mb map. Locate the trough(s) and ridge(s). 9) Where across the US is there enough moisture to sustain severe weather? 10) Using the wind map, is there a boundary in the central part of the U.S. If so, where is it located? 22) Given the an

    Rocks: Solid Earth

    I have studied Bowen's reaction series and understand the process of magmatic differentiation, that different types of minerals crystallize from magma systematically. I understand that during the crystallization process, the composition of magma continually changes. However, can you explain and help me understand how partial me

    Logic Problem - Solar Eclipse

    Please do the attached question 3 only. Thanks. Problem (also attached) 3. Which of the below statements is false? - Total eclipse of the Sun arrives when the Moon precisely aligns itself between the Earth and the Sun and thus casts its shadow onto a narrow path across the Earth's surface ... - (see attachment for comp

    Provide a Brief Summary

    1. Which do you consider to represent the greatest advancement: Quantum mechanics or discovering the shape of the DNA molecule--- and why? 2. Contrast the differences of the pre-Galileo concept of the universe and the Galilean concept. Discuss some of the impediments (and dangers) in the promulgation of his theories? Disc