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Travel Questions

Question 1

Travelers who are 15 years old and in need of a passport may mail their application and required documents to a designated Passport Office.

Question 2

Machu Picchu is located in this mountain range:
A. Sierra Bonitas
B. The Andes
C. Santa Teresa Range
D. Sierra Nevada

Question 3

It is common to round net rate costings to higher amounts before applying a mark-up.

Question 4

Machu Picchu was the home to which ancient culture:
A. Mayans
B. Aztecs
C. Titicacaians
D. Incas
E. All of these

Question 5
Access the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles web site to advise your
client from The Cameroons how long is needed to clear a visa for travel to Israel:
A. One week
B. Two weeks
C. Three weeks
D. Four weeks
E. Five weeks

Question 6

Argentina is known for having which of the following:
A. American customs and culture
B. Strong African traditions
C. Dutch ties and language
D. A European flavor

Question 7

The world's most southern National Park is:
A. Griffith Park
B. Tierra del Fuego Archipelago
C. Cape of Good Hope
D. Mar del Plata above

Question 8

Peru's Easter Island is known for:
A. Maori tribal meetings
B. Large statues of native heads
C. The yearly Inca migration
D. The famous World War II meeting of the Allied Commanders

Question 9

Victoria Falls is one the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is located in:
A. Kenya
B. Zambia
C. South Africa
D. Zimbabwe
E. Botswana

Question 10

In general, tours circumnavigating South America are best recommended for:
A. Families with young children
B. Older, less active travelers
C. Adventure travelers
D. Younger travelers
E. Both C & D

Question 11

While it is commonly believed that the Cape of Good Hope is the southern most point on the African continent, the real southernmost point is:
A. Cape Town
B. Cape Agulhas
C. Sabi Sand
D. Point Magu
E. Port Elizabeth

Question 12

The Capitol of Argentina is on what body of water:
A. Atlantic Ocean
B. Falklands Straits
C. Rio de La Plata
D. El Rio del Picchu

Question 13

Knowledge of world tourism geography combined with current events is advantageous for effective travel sales.


Question 14

Argentina's national air carrier flies to and from Los Angeles.

Question 15

The Galapagos Islands belong to Peru.

Question 16

A visa issued to a traveler is a guarantee of being permitted entry to that country.

Question 17

Ipanema Beach is located in:
A. Brasilia
B. Ocho Rios
C. Rio de Janeiro
D. None of these ... it's only in a song

Question 18

Mr & Mrs W. Voyager are thinking of traveling to Madagascar. The most spoken language is Malagasy. This little known language is based on:
A. French
B. Dutch
C. English
D. Malayo-Polynesian
E. Spanish

Question 19

Travel from North America to much of the African continent is deterred by:
A. Distance
B. Crime
C. Wars
D. All of these
E. None of these

Question 20

Surinam's Matapica Beach is known for four species of:
A. Birds
B. Sea turtles
C. Fish
D. Bikinis

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Q1: False. They must show up at the Passport Office with their parents, and have the appropriate consent forms filled out and signed.

Q2: It is located in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Q3: False.

Q4: D. It was home to the Incas.

Q5: C. The current processing time for all visas is currently 3 weeks, irregardless of class.

Q6: D. Argentina is known for it's European ...

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