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The Way to Create a Word Doc

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1. Create a new document in Microsoft Word.
Save the file as MSWord_L2.docx

2. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font unless otherwise indicated.

3. Create a separate Title Page

Center the title
Use Arial, 12 point font, BOLD

Line 1: CIS105 Lesson 2 Lab: Word Processing
Line 2: Your First and Last name (John Smith)

4. Insert a Right Justified Header: (OB2209)

5. Insert a Centered Footer: (Page number)

6. Insert a page break

7. Insert a Table of Contents, using the Table of Contents Tool

Note: Until you add the proper Paragraph headings (step 12), the table of contents will be empty.
Note: This is a minimum competency of the assignment. If not completed, this assignment will have to be resubmitted.

8. Insert a page break

9. Paragraph 1 should say "Paragraph 1"

10. Paragraph 2 should say "Paragraph 2"

11. Paragraph 3 should say "Paragraph 3"

12. Insert a Heading for each paragraph.

13. Format the Heading using Heading Style 2.

14. Update your Table of Contents so the Headings and page numbers are reflected.

15. Apply the following formatting changes to your document:
• Underline 2 words
• Italicize 2 words
• Bold 2 words

Save the file as MSWord_L2.docx

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