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Visual Basic 2003

I have a mortage calulator (attached) I need to understand how to implement as an personal assignment. I need to know how what and where to open my own MS Visual Basic 2003 (on my own PC) so I and others can see this program and all its functionality. I can open the calculator. However I need to know how to open this file with my own 2003 software and see all my tolls work. From to code with the nameing convention that exsist in this file I send to you. Do I need to cut and paste or save as. I need to know the process to open my own Visual Basic 2003 and select a file to open to view all entities of VB2003. Please update with todays date within file!

I need to do

Step one
Step two and so on


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1. Unzip the entire folder
2. Double click on bjpmortgage.sln in the unzipped ...

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