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Spectrum Technology: Application From Consumer Perspective

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Describe the basic principles involved in the spread spectrum technology. Provide an example of the application of this technology from a consumer perspective

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Detailed explanation of spectrum technology is determined. The expert describes the basic principles involved in the spread spectrum technology.

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To answer the question, you must divide it into the following parts:

1.What is spread spectrum technology?

--Spread Spectrum covers the field of secure digital communications that are now being exploited for commercial and industrial purposes. Applications for spread spectrum technology can include any of the following:
1. "wireless" LAN's (computer to computer local area networks)
2. integrated bar code scanner/palmtop computer/radio modem devices for warehousing
3. digital dispatch, to digital cellular telephone communications
4. "information society" city/area/state or country wide networks for passing faxes, computer data, email, or multimedia ...

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