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Visual Looping and constructs

You have just been hired to teach a course, not necessarily a programming course, in your local community college. After your first week, you collect the first set of assignments from your students and grade them.

To make sure that you enter all the grades on your spreadsheet, you decide to sort your students' grades in ascending order.

List all the visual basic looping and decision constructs that you think you will need to write a program that sorts the grades for you. DO NOT write the program, simply list the constructs and justify your decision for choosing them.

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In order to sort grades you need to compare between two numbers.
For example, in order to sort the following grades in ascending order (smaller to greater)
55, 69, 49, 97
you need to be able to compare if 55 is greater than or equal to 69 if not then swap the positions of 55 and ...

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Visual Looping and constructs are noted.