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converting ternary to binary

Write the pseudocode for a recursive function TERNARY TO BINARY, that will convert a ternary tree into a binary search tree.

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I recommend reading the attached file; it's the same as below but with nicer formatting :-)
<br>Your problem is to write a psuedocode algorithm which will take in a ternary search tree and convert it into a binary search tree.
<br>Recall that a ternary search tree is just a binary search tree where each node has an extra child. I will assume for this problem that in your binary search tree, a matching node becomes the right child; you can easily modify the algorithm if your teacher prefers it to be the left child.
<br>Let's start with just the most basic psuedocode:
<br> set binary_node_1 = ternary_node_1
<br> ...

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