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    Memory Management

    Memory management is critical in a computer system. A good memory management system must be able to dynamically allocate memory to programs as they require it as well as free that memory up once they have finished using it. Without a good memory management system, a computer will be terribly slow, or not usable at all.

    Stick of RAM

    Due to this importance, a lot of thought has gone into developing an efficient system of memory management. Virtual memory was a large step forward in this direction. The basic idea behind this is to separate the memory addresses a process uses from physical ones in order to squeeze out more RAM. An algorithm for memory management that decouples the way memory is organised and and the physical memory itself make it possible to separate processes out and use paging or swapping to secondary storage for efficiency gains. With it, every time a process requests access to stored data, virtual memory must translate that virtual address into a physical one, allowing finer, more granular control over the memory system to eliminate unnecessary actions. This idea also applies to memory allocation requests from processes where the machine must locate a block of free memory big enough to fill the request. The place this block comes from is called the heap, and at any given time the heap may be split into many, many subsections that are being allocated, used and freed very rapidly so a fine level of control is essential. A good virtual memory manager can hugely improve overall system performance. Cache algorithms can further improve this.

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    Management of Information security

    Part 1: Think about a business you are familiar with, one that uses networks and computers to support business functions. Create a list of ten important, specific items such as computers, disks, equipment, and information such as sales data, client data, and network configuration. Identify the threats these important items are

    Ram Sizing Decoder

    a) How many 256x8 RAM chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 16,384 bytes? b) How many lines of the address bus must be used to access 16,384 bytes of memory? How many of these lines will be common to all the chips? c) Specify the size of the decoder - a decoder is specified as "a x b", where a is the number of l

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    Write a simple text formatting program in Java, that will read words from an input file and write them to an output file, removing extra whitespace and filling each line with as many words as will fit up to a maximum column width (similar to a column of text in a newspaper). The maximum column width, input text file name, and ou

    Architecture Application

    This Application challenges you to evaluate connectivity issues between database management systems (DBMS) and procedural programming languages. Ever since relational databases (RDBMS) became popular in the early 1980s, programmers have encountered a major disconnect between their code and the RDBMS. Although a query to the

    Primary Use for RAIDs

    RAIDs are primarily used to: a) provide larger storage areas b) provide backup of the memory data c) service large amounts of backups off line d) provide fault tolerance e) both (a) and (c)

    Introduction to Operating System Interfaces

    Investigate the net for information about some of the new features offered by Vista over previous operating systems or operating systems on other computing environments. What makes Vista a better (or worse) choice for home or office computing?

    Method for connecting the two buildings together for Akami

    Please see attached files for complete problem descriptions. Assignment 1: 1. Determine the best network media for the network in the new facility keeping in mind the growth aspect of the assignment. Support your decision by contrasting what you think is the best solution for the job, and the worst. 2. Give the method for c

    Give the big endian and little endian representations for given decimal value.

    The decimal value (2049)base10 is to be stored as a 32-bit word in memory. Using 2's-complement representation, the value should be stored using 4 bytes of a byte-addressable memory, specifically at locations 20 through 23, inclusive. Specify the binary value in each byte for a "big endian" and a "little endian" instruction set

    A system implements a paged virtual address space for each process using a one-level page table. The maximum size of virtual address space is 16MB. The page size is 1024 bytes and the maximum physical memory size of the machine is 2MB. The page table for the running process is also provided. Answer the given page table questions.

    A system implements a paged virtual address space for each process using a one-level page table. The maximum size of virtual address space is 16MB. The page table for the running process includes the following valid entries (the --> notation indicates that a virtual page maps to the given page frame, that is, it is located in th

    Determining the Correct Way to Use Address Bits

    Given a memory of 2048 bytes consisting of several 64x8 RAM chips, and assuming byte addressable memory, which of the following seven diagrams indicates the correct way to use the address bits? See attachment for diagrams. Explain your answer.

    Java-Oriented Microprocessors

    1) Describe the service quality problems that can occur in VOIP. Why are these problems so difficult to solve? Investigate the latest Java-oriented microprocessors offered by Sun (www.sun.com). a. In what ways are they optimized to execute Java programs? b. What architectural features are similar to microprocesso

    Review of New Technologies Paper

    "An emerging technology not in use at the company such as a wireless network or PDAs." I need to address the following: o What the technology is o How the technology works o Benefits the technology will provide o Any potential negative aspects of the technology

    Effective access time to access a referenced word

    A computer has a cache, main memory, and a disk used for virtual memory. An access to the cache takes 10 ns. An access to the disk takes 10,000 ns. Suppose the cache hit ratio is 0.8 and the main memory hit ratio is 0.7. What is the effective access time in ns required to access a referenced word on this system?

    Need help with Link, Slides and More Explanatory for figures

    Could you able to help with this attached document. 1.) I need link for table of content, list of figures, list of tables. Few sections there is no link. Recently i updated the document. Could you please link it. Leave the first page with out page number. From second page to Until section 1, i need Page number in Romai

    Question about Java program to memorize a sequence of colors

    The files must be called <YourNameProg7.java>. Ensure you include ALL files required to make your program compile and run. I would like to see your .java files only. Proper coding conventions required the first letter of the class start with a capital letter and the first letter of each additional word start with a capital le

    Write a program that tests the user's ability to memorize a sequence of colors

    I am stumped with this java driver program. I have been able to obtain parts of the first sample session. Please see my progress below. import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class MemoryProg extends JFrame { private static final int WIDTH = 350; private static final int HEIGHT

    Cache Misses: Compulsory, Capacity and Conflict

    Cache misses are classified into one of three categories - compulsory, capacity, or conflict. For each condition listed below, say whether the cache misses in each category will increase, decrease, or stay the same, and explain why (assume that in each case, the overall total cache size remains constant). a. The associat