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Write code to create a web page that uses a JavaScript program to output a NASA style count down:
Ten, Nine.....One, Ignition Start, Liftoff, We have Liftoff!
Each line must be displayed in the browser window. An alert must be used to control when the next line is displayed
Create a generic function that outputs one line of the countdown on the web page, followed by an alert, and receives the data to output as an input parameter.
Use that function to output each line of the countdown, and an alert.
Please note that you are outputting the countdown to the browser window this time, not to an alert! The alert is only being used to signal when to output the next line..
The program should have fewer lines of code than attachment Hint: use a loop when displaying the numeric part of the countdown. You can output the countdown numbers as before or as digits (Ten or 10, Nine or 9, etc.)


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The attached solution contains a very well written javascript and html file. The html displays the output from javascript in the form of a text in the center of the page. Javascript contains 2 methods, one to start the counter and other to update the browser window and display an alert. Grab the solution and enjoy reading a quality piece of code. Thank You.