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Java Programming

I have a question about something that has puzzled me. I did this
on my program because it was how I saw it done. I was wondering if
someone could explain why it is done this way and if I would do this for
all ActionEvents.

I used the following code. What does the ".getSource()" do? Is that
what registers when someone clicks the button? How would this format
change if I was adding data entered into a text field? Any help is much
appreciated!! :)


public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
if (e.getSource() == b)
if (click == 1)
b.setText("I've been clicked!");
b.setText("I've been clicked " + click + " times!");


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e.getResource() method is to capture the resource which invokes actionPerformed method.
We can consider the following situation to understand why e.getResource method is useful.
Suppose I have 4 buttons, the actions of each button when pressed are ...