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    Integrated Circuits

    Integrated circuits were one of the biggest break-throughs in the history of electronics. Being far smaller than the traditional discrete circuits meant they could be included in a huge range of electronic equipment at a lower price, and as if that wasn't enough, they have better performance too.

    The cost is kept low by the manufacturing process of integrated circuits. Essentially, they are a cluster of electronic circuits on a single, tiny plate of some semiconducting material, most commonly, silicon (thus the name 'Silicon Valley for the world's programming capital). This 'chip' can be assembled in its individual components by a photo-lithograph that 'prints' it as opposed to being assembled one transistor at a time, as was the previous case. Being small, there is also the significant benefit that it takes far less materials to construct a package of integrated circuits, as compared to the now-defunct discrete ones.

    All of this is owed to experiments during the 20th century that showed semiconducting devices could perform the same functions as the vacuum tubes which early computers relied on. From then, the discoveries poured in. Advancements in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, and the idea of integrating huge numbers of transistors into a tiny chip far outstripped the benefits of manually assembling the circuits using discrete electronic parts. Today, integrated circuit devices exist that have upwards of several billion transistors in a chip no larger than a human fingernail.

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    Local Loops in a Regional Phone Company

    A regional telephone company has 10 million subscribers.  Each of their telephones is connected to a central office by a copper twisted pair. The average length of these twisted pairs is 10 km. How much is the copper in  the local loops worth? Assume that the cross section of each strand is a circle 1mm in diameter, the

    Digital Fabrication

    Read the article on digital fabrication below and: 1. Summarize, in your own words, what "digital fabrication" is and how it is different fromtraditional manufacture tools and technology. 2. Do you agree with the author that digital fabrication represents the "new digital revolution"? Why or why not? 3. In your opinion, what

    Impact of transistors

    Describe the impact of increasingly small transistors on American culture. Include the positive and negative implications that this discovery/breakthrough may have on your everyday life. Relate the discovery/breakthrough to the notions of formal science, the history of science, scientific communities, popular science, science fi


    I need some help with the following questions: * Based on Arakji and Lang's articles, how can companies use virtual worlds to develop and implement effective v-commerce strategies? * Based on Macgregor and McCulloch's articles, discuss the challenges of collaborative tagging and the potential benefits. Attached are the


    The TCP/IP, or the DoD, model has been in use for years before the OSI layered model was released. Today, TCP/IP is the protocol that is used for Internet communications. However, the practicality of the TCP/IP did not make the OSI model irrelevant. What five benefits does the OSI model offer? To demonstrate your understanding

    VOIPs and Wireless Networks

    I need assitance with question A and question B. Question C has to be in great detail where I can use a a guide to form a comprehensive report. please pr reference will greatly be appreciated. (A) Discuss what protocols are commonly used to implement VOIP? (B) Are all VOIP protocols compatible with one another? C) Advanta

    Networking Examples Problems

    I need help with the following questions: 1. Based on the Gallant and Duffy (2008) article, why is it important to have one network operating system (NOS) run routers and switches? 2. Based on the Nicholaisen (2007) article, what are the concerns with the current OSI model design? Why is the Clean Slate Internet Project i

    Network transmission methods

    Produce a document that describes network transmission methods such as the following: Frame relay ISDN Cable Modem Others


    Conduct an Internet search to locate a case study that shows how VoIP was beneficial to an organization. Analyze the organization's use of VoIP. Respond to the following in your analysis: o Include a detailed explanation of the case study and the organization o Why did the organization require a VoIP solution? o How did

    Information Security Policy Building

    Create a security policy for the following company explaining network security, physical security and access control systems: Sunica Music and Movies is a local multimedia chain with four locations. Each store has been acting independently of one another and has difficulty coordinating customer sales from one store to anothe

    Evolution of Programming Languages Presentation

    Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft?PowerPoint?presentation detailing the evolution of programming languages. Organize your slide presentation in the form of a timeline, and discuss the various generations of programming languages (first through fourth). Include a reference slide with citations in APA format.

    "everything over IP" to become a reality

    I am not very computer literate and I am not understanding how to answer this question as I am still trying to grasp an understanding of the material. I came across this question at the end of the chapter: Based on Karim and Hovell's (2007) article, discuss what it will take for "everything over IP" to become a reality. Expla

    Applying a Voice and Video Over an IP Solution

    Consider applying a voice and video over an IP solution for a company interested in enabling its geographically distributed sales force to collaborate efficiently. What kinds of solutions might you propose and what kinds of equipment?

    Challenges Faced with Wireless VOIP Telephony

    I need some good examples of challenges individuals and organizations face with wireless VOIP telephony. With all of the flexibility and added functionality comes a price for stability. So how does an organization handle these challenges? Do businesses and organizations have some type of signal amplifiers in order to minimize

    Operational Amp

    Just wanted to know about the Op Amp different types and how it works. Please include diagram if needed.

    PC Networking

    Your company is considering connecting your mainframe to the PC network. The mainframe currently only connects to terminals, but management wants to be able to access it from the desktop. You run a token ring network. The mainframe manufacturer supports Ethernet, but not token ring. Develop an outline of possible solutions for m

    Project life cycle and project management

    Concerning the project life cycle and required project management skills answer the following questions: What major tasks occur at each of the four project phases? What is the role of the project sponsor? How do you determine who are project stakeholders? What are the skills needed to be a successful project manager? Mak

    Financial Policies that Promote International Free Trade

    Navigation Systems Inc. is a business that was founded in 1960 and is based in the United States. Its business is to design, manufacture, market, and support electronic systems used in aircraft and pleasure watercraft. At the time the business started out and continuing over the following two decades, the design and manufacturin

    Remote Access Service (RAS)

    On a Word document, answer the following questions with respect to the Remote Access Service (RAS). ? What technologies are currently in use for Remote Access? ? Research the RAS technologies of at least one company. ? For whom is RAS primarily allowed? ? How are new people oriented to using the RAS? ? What is the au

    Technologies involved in the proposal to educate management

    Please see the attached file for background information. Problem: Describe in detail the technologies involved in the proposal to educate management. What additional information is needed from ICI to determine the feasibility of the proposal?

    Language evaluation

    Here is the problem: Neither functional programming languages nor logic programming languages are thought of as 'practical' programming languages. Choose either Lisp or Prolog and recommend changes to the language which you think would increase acceptance of the language in mainstream programming. Justify your recommendatio

    Work Breakdown Structure

    Instruction: - Read and review the attached document. - This requires a WBS and preliminary project schedule based on the information in the attached document. - Use the information in the attached document in creating task lists and WBS to develop a work breakdown structure (preferably in MS Project). - Use a coding syste