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    Important skills for an IT project manager

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    Which skills do you think are most important for an information technology project manager? Can a project manager learn all of these skills, or are some innate?

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    A project manager must possess multiple project management skills to be able to deliver successful results in the projects they are working on. Depending on the projects being handled, project management skills that are needed will vary to suit the needs for the project. But there are project management skills that are always needed to be used regardless of the kind of project being handled by the project managers. Those essential skills are what I consider as the most important for the information technology project managers to possess and learn. These skills are: understanding and adapting to environment and change, general management knowledge and skills, technology usage and skills, and soft or human relations skills. These are the project management skills that are basic and fundamental, yet are applicable in any projects.

    Information technology project managers must be able to understand that there are changes that occur either within the company or organization, the ...

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