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    Computer hardware is the collection of physical elements that combine to form a computer system. Computer hardware is the physical parts or components of a computer. Some examples of hardware are monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, hard drive disk, mouse, sound card, etc. Hardware is a physical object that can be touched whereas software is untouchable. Software exists as ideas, applications, concepts and symbols. A combination of hardware and software forms a usable computing system.

    Computing hardware evolved from machines that needed separate manual action to perform each operation, such as punched card machines and then evolved to stored-program computers. The history of stored-program computers relates the organization of the units to perform input and output, to store data and to operate as an integrated mechanism.

    Before the development of the general-purpose computer, most calculations were done by humans. Mechanical tools to help humans with calculations were called calculating machines, now called calculators. Those people also used the machines, now called computers, to aid in calculations. The invention of the electronic amplifier has made calculating machines much faster than their mechanical or electromechanical predecessors.  

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    Control Structures

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    A control structure is a block of code used in high-level programming languages.

    Memory Structures

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    Memory structure describes the methods used to implement electronic computer data storage in a reliable way to be able to store and retrieve information.

    Register-Transfer-Level Implementation

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    Register-transfer level is a design abstraction which models a synchronous digital circuit in terms of the flow of digital signals between hardware registers, and the logical operations performed on those signals.


    Logic Design

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    Logic design is a process by which an abstract form of desired circuit behavior is turned into a design implementation in terms of logic gates.

    Integrated Circuits

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    An integrated circuit is a set of electronic circuits on one small plate of semiconductor material.

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    Computer Memory Hacking

    1, Describe what the hacking of memory or hacking of RAM means. 2. Examine the common tools that hackers use to hack into memory of computing devices. Detail two real-life examples of such tools in action. 3. Identify three best practices that one should use to protect their computers from being hacked. 4. Analyze th

    Google Glass: Ethical and Security Issues

    Analyze Google Glass and determine whether you classify this technology as a webcam, spy cam, or something different. Decide whether or not you believe this technology will bring greater fulfillment into your life and the lives of others. Provide a rationale for your response. Discuss the manner in which Google Glass and its

    Cooling Requirements

    Examine the contemporary options that are available to keep data centers and computing devices from overheating. Speculate on the ramifications to hardware located in a hot data center.

    BIOS Need

    Examine the need for BIOS on computing devices. Determine whether or not you believe all mobile platforms and desktop computers need BIOS. Justify your response with relevant examples and sources.

    Comparision of Data Rate of the Transmission Line and Disk

    Imagine that you have trained your St. Bernard, Bernie, to carry a box of three 8mm tapes instead of a flask of brandy. (When your disk fills up, you consider that an emergency) These tapes each contains 7 gigabytes. The dog can travel to your side, wherever you may be, at 18 km/hour. For what range of distances does Bernie have

    PLC Communications Network

    Hi, I am looking for new ways and suggestions for a PLC communications network in the Mining Industry. Any suggestion who can suggest new technology? Here is the information: A fast and reliable PLC communications network is important to ensure that production remains uninterrupted. If equipment failure occurs, time is

    TCP hijacking

    What is TCP hijacking and how is it done? What are some defenses against it?

    Multiplexer, Stuff Bits

    Suppose a multiplexer has two input streams, each at a nominal rate of 1 Mbps. To accommodate deviations from the nominal rate, the multiplexer transmits at a rate of 2.2 Mbps as follows. Each group of 22 bits in the output of the multiplexer contains 18 positions that always carry information bits, nine from each input. The rem

    Create One Network In Two Locations

    1.) My clients have two offices in different locations (A,B) A is the Main office B the branch (Both offices are several miles apart).The main requests are 1) Exchange server to be set in location (A) and can be access in (B) so user can use the same email domain and share calendar by Outlook. 2) To have a sharing drive that al

    Minnesota Consulting Group: Researching Issues

    Assume you are Dave Baker, the Senior System Administrator from Minnesota Consulting Group (MCG). The company with which MCG has an ongoing contract wishes to have some basic TCP/IP concepts explained to senior decision-makers, so they can effectively forecast the need for new equipment. You are to research and comment on the fo

    Address Resolution Protocols Explanation

    - Describe the Address Resolution Protocols (ARP) process - What is a broadcast? - What is a Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)? - What is an ARP Request and an ARP Reply?

    Network Topologies

    Briefly explain the difference, including advantages and disadvantages, between: [A] Mesh, bus, ring, and star topologies [B] Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, and Wireless

    Negotiation Strategy: List of Actions

    Company X is going to expand its information system. To do this, it is going to select and purchase new hardware and software and re-train its employees. The problem-solving team has been established and has specified hardware, software and staff-training needs. You all are the members of the team delegated to negotiate wit

    Environmental Concerns of Removing Old Hardware

    I need help writing a 350 word paper describing some of the environmental concerns of removing old hardware and disposing of it. What are some common steps and what type of procedures might a company put into place?

    Word Processing Upgrade Analysis

    Would you please help me with the following Case Study: The Baderman Island Resort has 3 hotels, a convention center, 4 restaurants, 2 gift shops, a pro shop and a spa. While all of the business entities are owned by the Baderman Island Resort and executively managed by the Boardman Management Group, each business entity is o

    Programming Concept Change Technology

    "As we begin to learn about software development leadership, we MUST understand how technology has changed and where we think it might go in the future. Information Technology no longer is a "competitive advantage" for an organization. It is the "cost of doing business." In most markets, IT is the cost of entry. Given that,

    Which of the policies would be the most beneficial to an IT department's budget?

    Hardware maintenance is usually provided through a defined service contract negotiated between the organization purchasing the hardware and the vendor selling the hardware. At the heart of the maintenance contract is the response time in which the vendor repairs the issue. This is a major factor in the cost of the maintenance ag

    WLAN in Hospital

    Search the Internet or Library to find the set of devices required to complete the design of your local hospital WLAN based on IEEE 802.11. Give the details of the design based on the devices. Explain why 802.11b (11Mbps in the 2.4GHz band), is the first widely popular standard and still by far most used by the IT industry today

    Token Ring vs. Ethernet

    1. What is the difference between Token Ring and Ethernet? 2. Name and describe two topologies besides Token Ring and Ethernet. 3. What is CSMA/CD and how does it work? 4. What do you feel is the future for Token Ring? What are its advantages or disadvantages?


    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of standardization in computer hardware and system software.