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What explains the pace of technological improvements?

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Why do you think that technology has advanced so fast in the past 50 years?

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The solution discusses why technological advancements have bloomed in the last fifty years, and why improvements are made at an ever-increasing pace, with Web-based references.

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Prior to the last 50 years, improvements in technology were primarily mechanical improvements to working, or moving parts. Since then, improvements have been to moving parts, yes, but also to electronic parts, which are not necessarily moving, but are channels for electrical current and signals. This emphasis on electronic parts has allowed for huge improvements, particularly to electronic devices, in a relatively short period of time. Manufacturing processes are also examples of this trend. Miniaturization and tolerances (the amount a part can be "off" and still perform to specifications) have gotten smaller and smaller. No longer is a manufacturing facility a dirty, noisy, smelly place: today's modern ...

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