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Creating random numbers in Excel

I'm trying to build a file with Microsoft Excel that will have the following.
X Values from -17 -> 17 (Column values)
Y Value from -17 -> 17 (row values)

What I am trying to get Excel to do is to put a random number in each spot. Numbers ranging from 1 -> 1225.

I'm not in any type of computer class. I am studying to take a test that will test my ability, to find information in a chart like what I am making.

I have attatched a picture for further clarification as well as an excel file.

If anyone knows anyway to do this, or think that they can help out in anyway in building/creating or telling me how to do it. This will be very much appreciated.

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This solution involves three main steps. First we need to create all
of the rows (numbers -17 through 17). Second, we need to create all
of the columns. Third, we need to create a random number at each

Creating all of the rows is simply a matter of manually entering the
numbers from -17 ...

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This solution demonstrates how to create random numbers in Excel.