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    Computer-Communication Networks

    Networks in computing, like anywhere else, are the connections between units that allow them to transmit data between them. In telecommunications, these networks can be massively large. The physical connection between networked computing devices is established by using either cable media or wireless media. An example of a popular computer network is the internet.

    Network devices that originate, route and terminate the data are called network nodes. Nodes can include host such as servers and personal computers as well as networking hardware. Two computers are said to be networked when a process in one device is able to exchange information with a process in another device.

    Before computer networks, the communication between calculation machines and early computers was performed by human users by carrying instructions between them. Today, people do continue to transfer information to another person’s computer by hand by carrying removable storage media; although the transfer of information can take place through email and other networking application.

    A network is characterized by its physical capacity or the purpose it was originally intended for. The network's functions and implementation will vary accordingly, in everything including user access rights and authorization. A personal area network is a computer network used for communication among computers and different information technological devices close to one person. Local networks widen the scope a little, connecting machines in a limited geographical area, such as a line of office buildings or a school. A home area network is a residential local area network which is used for communication between digital devices deployed in the home. A storage area network is a dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, block level data storage.  Storage networks are least seen by the everyday person - they are a web of access points to amalgamated block level stores of data. And finally, there are global networks, like the internet, which many are familiar with today.

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    What is the broadcast address for a host with the address ...................... And the network address would be .............. This network could support ............hosts And the subnet mask is exactly............. bits long.

    Determining Subnet Address From Host Address

    Fill in the following: Assume the address of a network host is If the first address in the subnet range is the address of the network that address would be ........... Therefore the first available address for a host would be ............ And the last available address for a host would be .............

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    You are designing a web site. What image file format would you use for high quality photographic color reproduction? Why did you choose that format? What format would you prefer for simple graphic images such as a picture of a sign that contains only a few colors? Why did you choose that format?

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    You are to network a ten story building capable of supporting 100 computers on each floor. a. What topology would work best for this project? b. What network hardware will be needed to accomplish the networking project? c. Explain your choices for the topology and hardware chosen for this IT project.

    Hamming distance

    Devise a code set for the digits 0 to 9 that has a Hamming distance of 2.

    Transmission Media

    Discuss the evolution of transmission media up to now, and prediction of such evolution into the future, as the demand for bandwidth keeps rising. Also explore signal handling techniques, such as modulation, OFDM, and MIMO, particularly used in wireless systems.

    LAN access methods

    At the heart of a LAN is an access method whereby network nodes share access to the transmission medium. The access method is also known as the MAC protocol (MAC: medium access control). There are essentially 2 access methods: CSMA and token passing. The patriarch of LANs, the Ethernet, uses CSMA with collision detection (CSMA/C

    VPN and LAN interconnection

    Discuss the Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for remote access. Research issues of configuration, implementation, applications, security, and any other important aspects of VPN.

    Topic: DSL, Cable, Broadband Wireless and FTTH

    The two "legacy" broadband Internet access methods are the DSL modem and the Cable modem. To meet the ever-rising demand for access capacity, FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) has emerged as a technology of choice for the ultra-fast Internet that the insatiable users seem to want. Verizon and AT&T have already deployed FTTH service in sp