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    Compare Wireless, Wi-Fi and 3G Technologies

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    What are the major differences between Wi-Fi, Wireless and 3G? please provide any reference so I may do additional research.

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    Comparing Wireless, Wi-Fi and 3G Technology
    A wireless network uses radio waves instead of wires or cables as its form of communication transmission media. Current wireless networks in the United States are based on the 802.11 standard, which is also known as Wi-Fi (short for Wireless Fidelity). There are many different amendments to this standard and the best one for a given environment is usually based on different criteria such as architecture (how the network is set-up) and bandwidth (the rate at which data is transmitted as well as the amount of data that can be transmitted). Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is a technology standard that allows you to wirelessly access the internet. It is used primarily with computers; however, Wi-Fi can be used with many other devices such as Smart Phones, Touch Pads and gaming devices. Wireless technology is pretty similar to Wi-Fi in that its primary intent is to allow users to connect to the internet without the use of cables.

    Let's use an example so that this is clear: many homes now have telephones that are cordless, which gives the user a short range wireless connection, the phone that is connected to the land-line, thus providing wireless capability.
    In another example, a computer user purchases a desktop computer but the desktop limits the users' ability to work from any room in the house so a laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities is purchased. ...

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