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Categorizing artwork information in a table

You work for a gallery that is an authorized Greenwich Workshop fine art dealer. Customers in you area are especially fond of James C Christensen's art. Although customers can visit the Web site to see images and details about his work, they have requested a list of all his artwork. Your assistant prepared a list of artwork: art, type, edition size, release date, and issue price. In addition, you included a column to identify what pieces are sold out at the publisher, indicating the rare, hard-to-obtain artwork that is available on the secondary market. You now want to convert the data to a table so that you can provide information to your customers.

a. Open e04m3fineart and save it as e04m3fineart_RobinSquires.
b. Convert the data to a table, and then apply Table Style Medium 5.
c. Add a row (below the The Yellow Rose record) for this missing piece of art: The Yellow Rose, Masterwork Canvas Edition, 50 edition size, May 2009 release date, $895 issue price. Enter Yes to indicate the piece is sold out.
d. Sort the table by type in alphabetical order and the by release date from newest to oldest.
e. Add a total row that shows the largest edition size and the most expensive issue price. Delete the Total label in cell A173. Add a descriptive label in cell C173 to reflect the content on the total row.
f. Set the print area to print the range C1:H173, select the first row to repeat at the top of each printout, set 1" top and bottom margins, set 0.3" left and right margins, and then select landscape orientation.
g. Wrap text and horizontally center column labels, and the adjust column widths and row heights as needed.

AFTER completing, on Sheet 2:

Insert your Robin in cell B2.

Insert your Squires Name in cell C2.

Insert your ROB2209353 in cell D2.


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