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Advantages and Disadvatages of Digital Rights Management

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Some people argue that digital rights management violates the public's right to fair use. Companies selling software, games, music, or movies can include digital rights management tools that prevent copying or that cause files to self-destruct after a specified amount of time.

Give some advantages and disadvantages of these practices. Discuss the ethical implications when businesses sell content with such limitations. Should people or companies that create intellectual property have the right to offer it for sale (or license) in a form protected by their choice of digital rights management technology (assuming the restrictions are clear to potential customers)? Should people have a legal right to develop, sell, buy, and use devices and software to remove digital rights management restrictions for fair uses?

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The use of digital rights management tools are very important for the owners or inventors of software, music, games, etc. because it prevents illegal and unauthorized use of digital content and ensure that such owners or inventors of intellectual property do get their share of revenues and profits for their invention. In other words, such digital rights management tools allows inventors to create new intellectual property, inventions or digital content without the fear of such inventions being misused. In the absence of such tools, the owners or creators of such digital content will not have any motivation to come up with new and unique innovations because piracy, illegal and unauthorized use of such content will result in huge losses for these companies and inventors. Digital rights management allows companies to monitor the sales of their products as well as help in secure delivery of such digital content to ...

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