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Balancing and Limiting

Balance the following equation: UF5 + H2O = UO2F2 + UF4 + HF
a) What is the maximum amount of UF4 that can be made from the 10.5 gms of UF5 and 5.0 gms of H2O
b) How much of which reactant is left after the reaction stops?

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UF5 + H2O --> UO2F2 + UF4 + HF

Balancing the reaction, we get

1) 2UF5 + 2H2O --> UO2F2 + UF4 + 4HF

a) We see that 2 moles of UF5 react with 2 moles of water to give 1 mole of UF4.

Number of moles of UF5 = ...

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number of moles = weight in grams/molecular weight