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Mass assembly questions

Fill in the blanks and please explain the steps to reach the solution.

Experimental quantities: KCLO3
Mass of salt 4.5 - 5.0 g
1st quantity of water 10 g
2nd 2g
3rd 8g

Mass of assembly: 29.60 g
Mass of assembly + salt+ water after 4th addition: 39.05 g
Mass of assembly + salt 33.80
Problem: Mass of water present ______g 50.0 C
Concentration of salt at 50.0 C ______g salt/ 100 g water
Mass of assembly + salt + water after 5th addition 40.97 g
Mass of assembly + salt 33.80 g
Mass of water present ______g 12.5 C
Concentration of salt at 12.5 C ______g salt / 100 g water

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