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AP Chemistry

Question 3: The salt NaBrO(3) oxides Sn^2+ to SnCl(6)^2- in the presence of hydrochloric acid according to the equation

3 Sn^2+ (aq) + 18 Cl^- (aq)+ BrO(3)^- (aq) + 6 H^+ (aq) ->
3 SnCl(6)^2- (aq) + Br^- (aq) + 3 H(2)O

A sample weighing 2.000g is dissolved in acid and all the tin present is converted to Sn^2+. For the reaction to go to completion, 32.50 mL of a .07500 M KBro(3) solution are required. Find the percent pf tin in the sample.

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