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Chemistry Problem Set - Eknot, Gknot, and Oxidizing Agent

2. Find Eknot fora cell composed of silver and gold electrodes in 1 molar solutions of their respective ions: Eknot red Ag = .7991 volts, Eknot red Au = 1.68 volts

a -.44 volts
b 0 volts
c .44 volts
d .88 volts

5 A Zn|Zn2+||Cu2-|Cu cell has an Eknot of 1V. Calculate Gknot for the reaction (in kJ)

b -193
c 1
d 193
e 386

6. Identify the oxidizing agent in the following reaction:

CH4 +2O2 -> CO2 +2H20

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