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Chemical Formulas: Cream of Tarter, Antacid, Calamine Lotion, Lemon and Grapefruit Juice

What are the chemical formulas for:

Cream of Tartar
Grapefruit Juice
Calamine Lotion
Lemon Juice

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Cream of Tartar
Synonyms: Potassium Acid Tartrate; Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate; Cream of Tartar
Molecular Weight: 188.18 g/mol
Chemical Formula: KOCO(CHOH)2COOH
Appearance: Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder.
Odor: Odorless.
Solubility: Slightly soluble in water.

Grapefruit juice
The Vitamin C is present in foods such as citrus fruit (Grapefruit juice).
The chemical formula of Vitamin C (also known as Ascorbic acid) is C6H8O6.
Properties: Sour tasting white powder.
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is an essential nutrient that the human body cannot ...

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