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How to Name and Define Acids

How can you know that HNO3 is nitric acid and HNO2 is nitrous acid? How do you know the difference in endings?

Is there a formula for this to tell the difference? They are so closely related.
I see this is common when naming acids. How can you tell as well, that HCLO is chloric acid. I would think it was hydrochloric acid.

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I am going to give you a summary of naming acids. As you have already noticed, naming inorganic acids such as the ones you mentioned above does not have the same rules as naming ionic or covalent compounds. There is a different set of rules used for naming acids, which I will explain to you.

Acids that are made up of protons joined with an oxoanion (for example, NO3- and SO42+) are called oxoacids. The way ...