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Pre-lab exercise for radical trap

Locate spectral parameters (g values, proton and nitrogen hyperfine coupling constants, solvent) for the product of the reaction between N-benzylidene-tert-butylamine N-oxide (the radical trap) and both dibenzoylperoxide and azobisisobutyronitrile. Make sketches of both spectra showing the number of peaks and assigning hyperfine coupling due to nitrogen and α-hydrogen. Do not submit copies of published spectra. Include references to the literature sources of the spectral data.


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Ok, so here are some references that may contain the data required.

1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of α-phenyl-N-tert- butylnitrone (PBN) to dichloro- and dibromo-malononitrile, chlorotricyanomethane and tetracyanomethane. Structure of products and kinetics of their formation
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- By Eberson, Lennart; McCullough, ...