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    What mass of formaldehyde gas must be released?

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    What mass of formaldehyde gas (in grams) must be released from building materials, carpets, etc. in order to produce a concentration of 0.50 ppm of the gas in a room having dimensions of 4.0m X 5.0m X 1.0m?

    Hint: Calculate volume of room in cubic meters and convert to liters. Use ideal gas law and concentration to calculate amount of formaldehyde.

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    The room's volume in cubic metres is 4 x 5 x 1.

    20 m^3

    The volume of formaldehyde gas is 0.5 x a millionth of the room's volume.

    0.01 L

    Recall that 1 mole ...

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    Recall that 1 mole of a gas will occupy 24 L (0.024 cubic metres) under standard conditions. How this compares with the volume of formaldehyde needed is calculated.