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1H NMR Spectrum for 4-Phenylphenol

Refer to attached document. I have an 1H NMR spectrum of 4-phenylphenol (400 Mhz, CDCl3 solvent) and I have the spectrum assignment for the chemical shifts and corresponding protons.

I would like an explanation of WHY each shift correspond with their particular protons. For instance, why are the protons adjacent to the phenol group most downfield (7.540 ppm). Isn't phenol an electron donating group, and don't electron donating groups cause shift upfield?? (Please try and explain thoroughly, my background in NMR spectroscopy is limited.)

I would also like the J values for each shift.


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This solution clearly explains why each chemical shift corresponds with the particular protons for the 1H NMR spectrum of 4-phenylphenol and provides the J values for each shift.