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Solubility rules applied to different reactions -

Use the Solubility Rules to write net ionic equations for the reactions that occur when solutions of the following are mixed.

a) K2S + ZnSO4
b) K2CrO4 + NiCl2
c) CsOH + FeCl3 [2]
d) CuSO4 + Pb(ClO4)2
e) FeSO4 + K3PO4
f) FeCl2 + TlNO3
g) (NH4)2CO3 + Ni(ClO4)2

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1. Write all soluble, strong electrolytes as separate ions: M n+(aq), X q- (aq).
Ions in solution must always be written with the proper charge superscript.
2. Write all ...

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