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Landfill leachate

I am trying to understand the effects of leachate from landfills and its effects on groundwater, and since I am in environmental health- its effects on the human health. Can anyone help explain these concepts to me? Also, does anyone know of any examples where leachate became a problem? Why is it important to study?

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As leachate is basically "trash squeezins'", whether it is a problem depends on rainfall in a given area, ground porosity, landfill construction, what is going into the landfill, etc. These days landfills are "supposed to be" watertight by design. However, in the most recent re-up of landfill regs, it was noted that 100% of landfills would leak within 25 years on construction - regardless of design. Leachate was more of a potential problem "back in the day" when ...

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