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Thermal effects: Transformation from solid to gaseous state

Calculate the heat (in KJ) required to transform 43.90 g of hydrazine from a solid at a temperature of 1.4 degreed C to a gas at 128 degrees C. report your answer to one decimal place.

molar mass of hydrazine: 32.045 g/mol
melting point = 1.4 degrees C
Boiling point = 114 degrees C
Enthalpy of fusion = 12.6 KJ/mol
Enthalpy of vaporization = 41.8 KJ/mol
Molar heat capacity of the liquid phase = 98.9 J/mol x K
Molar heat capacity of the gas phase = 49.6 J/mol x K

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The heat required to transform hydrazine from solid to gas is calculated.