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Melting and Vaporizing

Show the heating curve of a subtance that melts and then vaporizes.
(a) Sketch the heating curve of carbon dioxide at atmospheric pressure, starting at -100 C and ending at 30 C.
(b) Sketch the same heating curve as it would appear at a pressure of 10 atm.
(c) Under what conditions would the heating curve resemble the one you sketched for part (a)?

Solution Summary

To answer this question I found a phase diagram on the Internet and added a few lines myself, the horizontal line starting at 1 atm will be the situation for your question part (a). For part (b) I drew a horizontal line at ~10 atm. The curve will now have 2 plateaus, one for the first phase changing from solid to liquid, and then at a much higher temperature changing from liquid to gas.